Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 122: My Baby!

Li'l Martini celebrated his 11th birthday today, starting at 6:30 a.m., when he requested that we all join him downstairs for present-opening and breakfasting. His traditional birthday breakfast is sausage links, French toast, and a cookies 'n' cream milkshake. Whee!

But I was up late last night finishing Downton (holding my eyes open at one point, because I couldn't bear to stop watching — but then I got a second wind and muscled through on my own), so all told I think I got about four hours sleep. I went to Li'l Martini's class party and played two of my favorite party games, Salad Bowl and Consequences, with the fifth-graders, and that was totally fun, but then I came home and collapsed on my bed and watched Country Strong, which was almost the same as sleeping.

An early bedtime for this girl. Like, now.

As far as glamorous weight loss goes, I'm still hovering at or below my constant 264, but I'm also eating lots of BLTs, i.e., Bites, Licks, and Tastes. Half a hot dog here, a tiny gingerbread man there, that kind of thing. Not gaining feels like a victory!

I suggested to my youngest that he might think about dropping "Li'l" from his name, now that he's reached the advanced age of 11, but he was having none of it. "I am Li'l Martini!" he barked, while tightening his new world championship wrestling belt. Okay, kid's got a point. Li'l he remains.

Tomorrow I will tidy the house and organize songbooks and bake two giant pans of pasta and set up my beautiful heirloom punch bowl — about 25 people are going caroling with me, and I'm so excited!

Or I would be if I were awake.

Good ni....

(Lady C)


  1. Where's the update on Spock's HEAD?! Does the search continue????

    I am tired too. I made lemon bars (I don't like them all that much so not even tempting to taste) and my husband usually loves them. But not mine apparently. Quoth he: "They're okaaay, but there's more crust than topping." He is now cleaning out lemon bar from his...well, wherever I shoved them.

    Men are scum.

    Happy Birthday to Li'l Martini!!!

  2. Happy Birthday L'il Martini! I am so sad I will miss the caroling party. Hoist an exotic beverage for me...

  3. Your Li'l one's 11; my B'g one's 26. Yikes! That's the age I was when I had him...