Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 123: We Came A-Wassailing

It's 9:35, the last dish is done, the extra chairs are put away, and the songbooks are back in the bag they spend 11 months of the year in. Caroling Party 2011 has concluded!

I'm exhausted, so I'll just hit the high points:
  • Met with Neerja today and signed a stack of papers. We are approved for a $100K line of credit. This boggles my mind. At the moment, the only things that's sunk in is that I now get free checks.
  • We had 17 adults and 12 children at the party. Friends from all my walks of life — school, church, Betsy-Tacy — mixed and mingled and talked up a storm. It always amazes me how well total strangers get along at this party!
  • I thought I was so smart, starting at 5 (it's already dark then) because it's a school night, so people could get home early enough to get their kids to bed at a reasonable time. What I didn't consider: Most people weren't home from work yet. We caroled to a lot of dark houses. But it was still a lot of fun.
  • I've made friends with some seriously good singers. We sounded FANTASTIC. (Good Neighbor Anne asked if I'd been auditioning people.)
  • I did not exercise today but I was on my feet from noon till 4 — do you think that counts? Of course, I also had 93 little plastic cups of sangria. (Which is practically a fruit.)
Time for bed. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with an elderly friend, which will be lovely . . . and then I have nothing else scheduled! It will be a slice of heaven.

Angelically yours,

Lady C

p.s. Spock's head remains among the missing . . .

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  1. Glad you had a great time with your caroling party!

    And, truly, THANK YOU for the update on Spock's head! You are the BEST!