Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 133: My Day of (Almost) Living Perfectly

The day began on an extremely auspicious note:

I found Spock's head!

For whatever reason, I woke up knowing that today was the day. And I found it the first place I looked*: Under the flowered sofa, fully four feet from where it originated. Don't ask.

But I hot-glued the dude back together, and he looks swell. May he live long and prosper.

And then it came time to eat. I'm out of my crunchy high-fiber cereal (which I combine with fat-free Greek yogurt), and had I waited long enough to have breakfast that I really wanted some protein, so I had leftover dun-dun noodles (homemade, with half whole-grain pasta) and snap peas — so, fiber and veg, two things that aren't always a big part of my breakfast, but also some fat from the peanut butter and olive oil.

So . . . not perfect, but not terrible.

Exercise time! It's funny how appealing everything else in the world looks compared to exercise. For lunch, I'd planned to empty the fridge and freezer of random oddities and prepare a meal comprising leftovers and random Trader Joe's appetizers (I often cook only half a package of any one thing; with a big salad, that's my lunch — yum!). I also planned to go through the enormous pile of crap that had accumulated on my dresser. And as I was sliding my sneaks on, I kept staring at the crap pile with acute longing. How I wanted to sort the crap pile! and empty the fridge! How I didn't want to exercise!


And then afterward, I can't tell you how uninterested I was in doing either. But I did both.

(I walked on my treadmill, just over two miles, and got very sweaty. All good.)

And my lunch — see, here's the thing. It wouldn't make anyone's Nutrition Top 10, but it was an extremely satisfying lunch because it got three things out of the freezer! I had:
  • 3 small falafels and some tahini
  • 3 spanakopita
  • The insides of 4 jalapeno-cream scallops in filo shells (I didn't like the outside part and just ate the middle)
  • 1 clementine
All of these things were very small. (The clementine was the biggest!)

Then I dealt with the crap pile (oy) and took the kids to the last day of diving class. They actually learned how to dive this week! I am very proud. And while there, I worked my way through a week's worth of newspaper sections and other accumulated reading material, and that was deeply satisfying.

We just finished dinner; again, I parlayed the last of the leftovers into a fabby meal. Our Christmas morning tropical fruit plate became a yummy salsa to adorn the salmon; I sauteed the spinach remaining from Christmas dinner's salad with some beet greens (Mimosa adores cooked greens), and made the horseradish beets we loved so much from Thanksgiving; I made red-hot apples for Li'l Martini, and filled in the cracks with Grandma's Rice Dish, our favorite side. Very yummy, lots of fresh fruit and veg, and I ate smallish portions.

But I'm also having a glass of wine. A large glass of wine. It just sounded so good, and I also knew that I was verging toward being very, very irritable. (I love no one more than my immediate family, and no one annoys me as much, either. I imagine that I am not alone in this regard.)

So — where will I land, calorie-count wise? It felt too complicated to log all that on Fat Secret. I'll just wait and see what tomorrow's scale says.

I don't plan to eat any more tonight, but I will have lots of coffee. I've got a pile of mending, and also some laundry to fold, and I plan to watch Christmas in Connecticut (one of my Christmas presents!) and then something else, either Home Alone (I have a soft spot for this silly movie, because of the old man next door, and usually watch it once each Christmas), The Bad and the Beautiful (never seen!), or the last two episodes of Downton Abbey (which I saw at two in the morning, holding my eyelids open — I think I missed a few things). We'll see what I'm in the mood for.

Tomorrow, Mimosa and I are going to a birthday tea party to celebrate Good Neighbor Anne's darling daughter, a girl I couldn't love more if she were my own. (There are two children I actively think about how I could steal: Good Neighbor Anne's daughter and Sexy Em's son. I am wild about these two children!) Then we'll grab the guys and take a walk down our hill to Trader Joe's to pick out the appetizers for our New Year's Eve feast.

(Unlike Thanksgiving's all-apps meal, I let Joe cook this one for me. Our New Year's Eve tradition is to cook a new appetizer every half hour and play games and watch movies together till midnight. Turner Classic Movies is cooperating by showing a Marx Brothers marathon, and we are all very excited to watch our favorite, Horse Feathers, while enjoying some Party Pups and Short-Rib Bites and Baked Brie. I love New Year's Eve!)

Maybe I'll do a little core work before bedtime. Did I give it my all today? I surely meant to.

But I do not regret that wine. Not one drop of it.

Off to perform domestic chores, while watching Barbara Stanwyck utterly fail at same. Delightful movie!

(Oh! And we hadn't seen Ball of Fire before, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Dana Andrews, my gracious, so hawt!)

Love and kisses on this, the penultimate evening of 2011,

Lady Chardonnay, who regrets rien

* Yes, of course I had looked there. I looked under everything. It wasn't ready to be found yet, that's all.


  1. The Darcys are SO HAPPY you found Spock's head!!! As my two brothers will be too. I was telling the sad story of Spock's head over Christmas Eve buffet.

    Oh! I made the beet salad for Christmas buffet but using canned beets. The three people who ate it LOVED it (me, Dad, Kev). The other three have no taste in food (Ry, Mike, Keith).

    Our new year's eve also includes TJs appetizers, games and hot apple cider. And maybe movies because we have the last 2 Harry Potters which Mikey hasn't seen yet.

    Happy New Year to the Chardonnays from the Darcys!! Mm-wah!!

  2. And my comment post word was "congle" which should have a definition so we can use it henceforth in conversation: To congle means to snuggle while dancing to hot Latin rhythms??

  3. We huddle in congles while planning strategy to defeat the frumious octeryog?

    (Readers, this is why Lady D and I are BFs, because we can go on like this for hours. Yah, I know, you're totally jealous. For this conversation, we are riffing on the nonsense words that Yahoo makes us type before it will deign to allow our comments. Oh! the sparkling repartee.)

    (Seriously. Hours of this.)

    Hey, I'll let you know how 2012 is! Kinda ease you into it.