Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 133 (Week 19): My New Year's Resolutions

This year, I have only two:
  1. Be kinder.
  2. Embrace glamour at every opportunity.
I am convinced that these, in combination, will lead to better health and weight loss.

I've told three people outside of my family of my new resolutions, and here were their reactions:
  • Kind Tina: "And you've achieved both already today!" (You see where she gets her name.)
  • Arty Jenny: "You're wicked glamorous. Give us a kiss." (Bad girl!)
  • Sexy Em: "Your response to my e-mail was so very kind." (To which I demanded, "Why didn't you find it glamorous???" But I demanded it kindly.)
In other news, here's my weight on Week 19:
  • Today's scale reading: 266.5
It is what it is, as they say. (But this is why I only claimed 20 pounds as my accomplishment for the year.)

Today was kind of a medium day in terms of weight-loss efforts. I ate half a chorizo-and-pickle pizza* at Za (it's my favorite, I am so happy when it's back on the menu!) and drank a glass of wine, BUT I didn't have any snacks today and I walked vigorously on my treadmill for a mile and a half.

AND: I ran!! For two whole songs**! (Probably about five minutes.) Though running, per se, is not really my goal, nonetheless, it is quite thrilling to discover new things that I'm capable of. (The last time I tried to run, I could only do it for half a song — so this really is pretty cool.)

I'm done eating for the night and am heading for — what else? – my adored bathtub. I'm finishing Ellen's book (which I don't love as much as I loved Tina's and Mindy's, possibly because it's Ellen's third book rather than her first; I think it's mostly a lot of afterthoughts, and also? Ellen's a little cranky) and then have Jane Lynch's (I seem to be on a female-comedian streak! Shall I read Sarah Palin next?) and Patricia Cornwell's latest, Red Mist. And I'm on vacation for one more day, yay!

Tomorrow, Mr. Lady C is taking Mimosa to see The Artist and I'm taking Martini to see We Bought a Zoo. (I'd rather see The Artist, frankly, but I think it's a little old for my guy, and I am a kind mama, also glamorous.) I'm going to bring a baggie full of thinly sliced apple and munch on that rather than movie popcorn (an idea I got from The Dieter by Susan Sussman, which is such a wonderful, fun novel! Highly recommended).

I started to write: I wish I could've ended the year at a lower weight. I wish I could've lost five pounds a month. And then I realized how close I came to that amount, and now I'm laughing at myself. Twenty pounds is awesome. It is a wonderful achievement. And I'm showing no signs of slowing down or relaxing my efforts, so it's full speed ahead, my friends!

Oh — and not that I want to make your resolutions for you (I mean, of course I do, but it wouldn't be kind to say so), but you might consider resolving to leave comments on my blog every couple of days. It does make a girl feel good to know that someone out there is in her corner. No pressure, it would simply be lovely to hear from you. (And huge thanks to my pallys who leave comments regularly! I love love love you for it.)

I will close with an inspiring quote:

I love your blog so much, I hope you NEVER lose the weight.

It is a testament to our deep and abiding friendship that I found this very dear.

Happy first day of 2012! Cheers!

—Lady C the Kind and Glamorous

* I feel compelled to mention that it's a thin-crust pizza about the size of a dinner plate.

** The songs were something by Kelly Rowland from the Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack and "I'm Your Boogie Man" by KC and the Sunshine Band. Real full-length songs, in other words! And no, you don't need to comment on my musical taste.

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