Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 142: The Crowd Roars!

A really lovely thing happened at zumba tonight! But first, let me tell you all about my day.

My weight was at a new low this morning, which was thrilling, except I think it's because gallons of blood are exiting my body in the crampiest way possible. Ow, I am having an un-fun ladytime this month! And it feels like it's lasted two weeks already! I know it's the beginning of the end, but this particular ending can't get here fast enough.

(I've always wanted to start a Menopause Club, like the club the girls form in Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret:

              Gretchen's rule was, the first one to get her 
      period had to tell the others all about it. 
      Especially how it feels.

Switch "get her period" with "enter menopause," and that's my club! Wanna join?)

It was just one of those days, where I sat at the computer pretty much all day, writing up the minutes of a church committee meeting and then working on Criminal Justice: Unit 2. I ate odds and ends of things, no huge meal and nothing particularly high-fat or high-calorie, but also not that memorable. Just one of those days.

And then (sorry, this is so gross), I've been getting ingrown hairs or something in my right armpit, it's driving me crazy (why just my right armpit? why is this happening at all, when it's never happened before?), and today one is all red and inflamed, so I didn't feel comfortable in my usual zumba uniform of cute sports bra and men's tank top, and I had to wear a T-shirt. I love tank tops. I hate T-shirts. I own maybe three. But I dug one out of the bottom of my drawer, smoothed out as many wrinkles as I could, and headed to zumba, feeling dowdy and frumpy and sluggish and blah.

And zumba was hard tonight, we were all sweating and panting like overworked oxen, but we were also laughing at ourselves. I really like the front-row ladies I do zumba with, and there are a couple of others whose eye I always catch at some point in the evening, and we wave. It's a very congenial class.

After class we were joking with our teacher, the Italian Spitfire, and the two lovely things happened:
  • Lovely Thing #1: This sweet little girl who stands in the back, one of the people I wave to (she reminds me of my junior-high best friend), said to me, "How much weight have you lost? You look great! You are so much smaller!" This is the first time that someone who doesn't know that I'm dieting has noticed my weight loss! It made me feel fantastic. (According to today's scale reading, I've lost 25 pounds — but I'm not doing a happy dance about it until that weight shows up on Weigh-In Day.)
  • Lovely Thing #2: My teacher said, "C'mere, I want to ask you something," and she holds up this adorable black zumba tank top. "Can you fit in this?" I shook my head. She said, "It's an XXL." I held it up to me, but it seems cut small. I don't think so. She told me that she'd ordered an XXS but they sent her an XXL; she was going to send it back but then thought of me. "You keep it," she said. "We've got eight more weeks of class. See what you can do." And I thought that was so cool — that my zumba teacher, who has hundreds of students, is thinking of me and cheering me on in my journey.
And truly, I am the most unathletic klutz — the girl who always steps on people's toes in partner dancing, who zigs left when everyone else zags right. It is just amazing to find something physical that I'm moderately good at and totally love.

I won't try on the shirt right now because I am so sweaty and gross, but I am very curious to see how it fits. I'm thinking I should hang it on my refrigerator. !!

Off to the tub. I'm finishing Jane Lynch's book, which is kind of sad but a good read, and then I have a stack of YAs and a new Good Housekeeping with skinny glowy Jennifer Hudson on the cover.

And in three months I'll be an auctioneer in a slinky new gown! (Which I'll buy in early March, I think.) Lots and lots of incentive to keep doing well. Tonight I feel very motivated indeed.

Thanks for being here!

—Lady C


  1. I went through menopause at 41. The doctor was so nonplussed he gave me a pregnancy test (I had never been married, but, hey, it was possible--it would not have been a virgin birth). It made me thinkg very seriously about my REAL feelings about abortion.
    Hooray for you! And you have a late menopause...

  2. I confess that while I think of myself as an educated woman, perimenopause caught me by surprise. While the "two in one" periods were a pain, I think the hardest was the anxiety and insomnia since I did not recognize at the time that it was a temporary cycle vs. "my life." In retrospect I wish I knew more and perhaps took more advantage of pharmaceuticals, like the light sleeping pills I finally asked my doctor to perscribe for those "must need to sleep" nights.