Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 144: Go, Hamster, Go!

This hamster wheel is the best metaphor for my day:
  • 8 a.m., Lectio Divina at church
  • 9: Work work work (I told the client I'd be done tomorrow, but my pants may be on fire), also print holiday letters, also add toner and fix paper jams
  • 2:45: Drive Li'l Martini, Shrieki, and Nonstop to band practice
  • 3:25: Drive Mimosa to her doctor's appointment
  • 3:57: Realize that Li'l Martini is about to be picked up by Nonstop's mom, he doesn't have his house key, no one is home to let him in, it's cold and rainy, and I don't have Nonstop's mom's cell phone number
  • 3:58: Hyperventilate whilst composing speech for Mother of the Year Award
  • 3:59: Figure it out — as we do
  • 4: Actual doctor appointment (Mimosa is young enough that she still wants me in there with her)
  • 4:55: Drive home in rainy rush-hour traffic
  • 5:30: Pick up Li'l Martini, decide that home-cooked dinner is non-starter, head to neighborhood Mexican joint
  • 6:45: Put odds and ends of food in pretty little dishes, stick seltzer in freezer
  • 7: Host church sub-committee meeting in my living room
  • 8:30: Read Chapter 1 of The Hunger Games to kids (Prim! Noooooo!)
  • 9:15: Load dishwasher, set up coffee, resume printing of holiday letter
  • 10: Remember that I haven't blogged yet
  • TBD: Collapse!
At the restaurant, I deliberately ate just half my burrito and only a few chips, and again felt a little too full afterward. Next time I'll skip the chips altogether, I guess. Interesting!

Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting with my PTO officers, I have to drive Li'l Martini and co. to their medieval Nerfy role-playing class (I don't really know what it is), and I'm supervising Mimosa while she cooks dinner — oh, and finishing Unit 2, unless I want to face my client's wrath —but I really want to squeeze some good exercise in there somewhere. Today I started feeling stiff around noon, so I played the two zumba songs I've downloaded — "I Like How It Feels" and "La Vida Loca" — and did the routines from memory, and that was an awesome way to stretch and get my sluggy blood flowing again.

And then on the way to the doctor's, I discovered that my darling friend Zanzibar, who just made five CDs for me, gave me yet another zumba song I love: "Show Me How You Burlesque." I can do a mini zumba class right here in my dining room. Fun!

My eyes are drooping — calling it a night.



  1. OK now you REALLY have to Skype dance with me! I want to learn those routines...

    1. Hee! I was especially cute doing it in my nightie and fuzzy socks yesterday. OK, let me look into this Skype thing this weekend. It's free, right? It would be a riot to Skype zumba with you.


  2. Yes free for video calls, although of course they would like you to pay for extras, i.e. to replace your phone line or group video chats.

    Download the free Mac or Windows version and then look for me: s.ivans.

    I am typically found in my recliner wearing an old nightgown and fuzzy socks by a nice fire my husbands makes and restocks. What a great life!