Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 145: Cherry Chardonnay, Suburbs Nurse

All my brisk plans for the day were slightly derailed by Mimosa's 7 a.m. shriek:

         "Mom! Martini's throwing up!"

I did work all day and finish Unit 2 (sorta — still have to do the back matter, but the client's okay with that), and I did have a planning/lunch meeting with my PTO officers, but I also washed sheets and mopped up barf and read aloud and made trays of 7-Up and crackers and soothed my baby's fevered brow with my tender cool hands. You know.

And now I'm thoroughly exhausted and need to sit in my comfy chair and just stare for a while. And then I'll go to bed and pray to avoid this vomit bug. I washed my hands 372 times today, they are paper-dry and crackling. I'll rub in some Vaseline and pray for abdominal health.

Say a little prayer for all of us, won't you?

Lady C, feelin' fine for the moment . . .

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