Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 148: Today? I ATE

Last night I decided to stay up and finish the back matter for Unit 2 (which simply means the stuff at the back of the curriculum, after the lessons proper — appendices, media resources, teacher resources, standards, references — some of which I edit and most of which I create myself), and I put in a valiant effort, but by 1:30 I could barely type. I'd cracked open a Diet Pepsi and was eating Cape Cod Reduced-Fat Potato Chips, and I kinda forgot how to chew. So — I threw in the towel.

But this morning I slept past 9 (highly unusual!) and then finished my work in 90 minutes, easy-breezy, then proofed five more Cheerleader pages (I'm trying to get it done by the end of the month), then cleaned out my wine-glass hutch (I adore wine glasses and martini glasses and champagne flutes and am always buying new ones and so periodically have to do a purge) . . .

. . . and THEN I had an urge that is a very rare one for me, I assure you: I really really really wanted to walk on my treadmill, hard and fast, and work up a good sweat. And so I did! In fact, I ran on my treadmill, for several songs, and it felt great. I really am in better shape. I can hardly believe it.

And then it was off to Beverly to take in a show with Brunie and Sister Hart! We saw Ides of March, which was wonderful, though Brunie wondered if every politician is issued a children's book titled Interns Are For F**king. Before the movie, Sister Hart claimed Clooney, and I claimed Gosling (I wasn't a fan until Crazy Stupid Abs, but after that, oh my), which left Brunie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti, sigh. But after the movie I switched to Marisa Tomei and gave Gosling to Brunie, because I am all about the giving. And plus, I really think I only like him in Crazy Stupid Abs, though Lars and the Real Girl is an awesome movie that I highly recommend. But Half Nelson kinda ruined me for Gosling, I fear; I always see him as a drooling stoned half-wit.

After the movie we had dinner at Chianti, and it was so much fun! We talked books and movies and boys and work and Betsy-Tacy and things that annoy us, and the hours, they simply flew by. I love those girls.

And now I'm home with my dear family, drinking coffee and preparing to snuggle into bed with my good books and my Sunday crossword puzzle and the videotape of How I Met Your Mother that my sweet sweet daughter recorded for me.

And you know what else?
  • Today's scale reading: 259.5 !
It doesn't count because it's not Weigh-In Day, but still. Pretty freaking fabulous !!!!!!!

However. Today I had two margaritas, an order of guacamole, two glasses of Chardonnay, pasta with Gorgonzola sauce, and a bite of Sister Hart's ice cream. Tomorrow I'll be comfortably back in the 60s, in other words.

But today? Today I am happy. Today was a near-perfect day.

And so, to bed.

—Lady C

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