Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 150: Salad Days

Because of forgetting to post yesterday, all day long I was super-anxious, going, I could blog now. Think I should blog now? Why don't I do it now? But I had vowed to work out before I blogged, and I had no interest in working out, I promise you that.

And then I made myself a kick-ass salad for lunch and I was dying to write about it! All afternoon! C'mon c'mon c'mon let me blog about my salad! I begged my Inner Weight Loss Czar. However, my Inner Weight Loss Czar was not moved by my pleas, nor did he-she-it seem to believe that my devoted readers were all that avid to hear about my salad.

Which is probably true.

So, two things.

One: It doesn't always work (because if it did, I would be the most disciplined person in the world, and I assure you I am not. I'm, like, 47th)*, but sometimes the best way to get me to do something I don't really want to do is to put it on my daily To-Do list. And I am such a ridiculous Type A, I will do it, simply for the intense joy of having a completed list at the end of the day. Seriously, it's like an O for me. But I can't always bring myself to put the loathed item on the list, knowing that it will haunt me the whole wretched day. And sometimes I do put it on the list and don't do it, so not only am I a slug who didn't do the whatever thing, I am a total loser who didn't check off every item on her daily to-do list, and who wants that kind of pain?

So . . . like I said, it's not a sure-fire thing. But today I put "work out" on my list, and today was a day when I decided to Get It All Done. And the last thing on my list is: Blog. Check!

Two: I really really really love salad. Salad and appetizer and wine, that is my perfect meal, and I don't need anything else. And it can be almost any kind of vegetable salad. I'm not crazy about most of the heavy carbohydrate salads (pasta, rice, wheat berry — I do like potato salad, though) or fruit salad (snore — I'd rather eat a piece of fruit). But any salad involving mostly vegetables — color me so there.

But I'm not going to claim that I achieved all this voluptuous abundance by eating salad. Also, I think the dressing probably does me in, as two of my favorites, Caesar and Blue cheese, are not known for their healthful properties.

But in any event, I made a kick-ass salad for lunch today, and Fat Secret liked it too! I've made a similar one before, with greens and dried cherries and candied pecans; that is a yummy salad, and I've served it at many parties. (And if Brunie's in attendance, my daughter is assigned to guard the salad so Brunie doesn't pick out all the pecans and eat them herself.) Then the Pioneer Woman (have you seen her blog? it's very food-porny, almost everything she makes is full of butter and cream) posted a similar salad, but hers has sliced apple and blue cheese in it, and that sounded pretty good too. So it's been on my mind . . . and today was the day. Here's what I put in it (using the vegetables I happened to have on hand):
  • a big handful of chopped romaine
  • a big handful of torn baby spinach
  • 2 sliced scallions
  • 4 sliced radishes
  • a handful of diced snap peas
  • a couple of diced broccoli florets (I just lost Lady Darcy here)
  • a couple of diced cauliflower florets
  • 1 diced celery stalk
  • a small handful of chopped red pepper
  • a small handful of pea shoots
  • a small packet of Craisins
  • a small ripe pear, sliced very thin**
  • about 2 tablespoons of blue cheese crumbles
  • a handful of candied pecans
Even though I only used small amounts of everything, because there were so many ingredients, it ended up being a huge bowlful. I tossed it with some Paul Newman Low-Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing (I usually eschew the horror that is low-fat salad dressing, but this one is really tasty — and I'm not even sure that there is a full-fat version) and ate the entire thing. It was SO. FREAKING. GOOD!

I logged it on Fat Secret because I was curious; it was 618 calories, with 16 grams of fiber.*** And let me tell you — that was one satisfying salad. I will probably have just a cup of soup for dinner — if that!

And I did work out, as noted, but other than that pretty much just sat at my computer and worked all day (Unit 5 has arrived). And dealt with PTO crises from my desk chair, which is just how I roll.

I have just enough time to run to Starbucks, pick up Mimosa at karate, and then settle down with good Wednesday night TV and my never-ending mending. And then a hot bubble bath, where I will dive back into V Is for Vengeance (I put down all the YAs and cracked this baby — just couldn't wait any longer).

And I did everything on my To-Do list for the day! Happy happy happy.

And a little smug. <smile>

Lady C

* Ha! I kid. I'm like a million and 47th.

** The apple was the only ingredient that struck me as a little odd, and all my apples were kinda big, so I went with the pear because it was tiny. And it tasted fine, but I'm now thinking that the texture of the apple might have been better. So, when I make the salad again (tomorrow! are you kidding?) I'll use maybe half an apple.

*** My goal is 25 grams of fiber per day. A bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast, this salad for lunch, guess what? I made it easily!


  1. I love that salad and I DO NOT pick out the pecans. Because you usually chop them too small. Betch... I like it when you use the broccoli slaw instead of florets. And the pear sounds divine! Please come make me a salad.

  2. Ha! I just bought a big box of mixed salad greens/baby spinach and I LONG to make a salad! I have many of those items on your list sitting in my kitchen. (Of COURSE I would never pollute a decent salad with broccoli or cauliflower!)

    But I also plan to make a big ole vegetable soup too. Maybe salad tomorrow and soup next week!

  3. Ha! Again!

    My verification word was "ablogi" which I take to mean "ambivalent about or against multiple blogs". Not including yours, of course!

  4. Too weird. You have inspired me to copy my husband, who periodically chops up lettuce and puts it in a big plastic tub in the refrig. Then he buys lots of "salad helpers" that you can easily cut up and throw in to pull off an easy salad each night for a week. I saw that same dressing (PNLFSGD) and just tried it and really loved it! I thought of sharing it with you and then I read all about it on your blog. Too strange.

    Another easy treat I have grown to enjoy is my "bowl of popcorn" replacement. I buy LOTS of bags of edamame (soybeans in the shell) in the frozen section at my store, Nakano garlic flavored rice wine vinegar (look for the purple top), and salt and pepper that comes in those cute grinders. Then I throw a whole unopened bag into the microwave for 5-6 minutes. When done, I throw the steamed contents into a big bowl, sprinkle the vinegar and liberally grind salt and pepper over the top. Then I plop myself down in the TV chair with an empty bowl or a paper towel and eat the whole thing - dip them into the side of the bowl "juice" and then pop out the soybeans in my mouth and discard the shell. It takes awhile to eat the whole bowl so it is a good snack if you are really hungry but don't want to stuff yourself with whatever is laying around. My sister says the "natural" estrogen in them is good for premenopausal symptoms as well.