Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 151: Old Friends

Husband's BF and Mrs. HBF were in town today, and we met them for lunch. They used to live in Brighton, about half an hour away, and we did "First Fridays" with them — meeting the first Friday of every month for Chinese food and bad movies. Lots of wine, lots of overlapping talk, lots of fun. I enjoyed them enormously. And they flew out to California for our wedding, so HBF could be Husband's Best Man. It was wonderful to have Boston people there, and HBF gave the most beautiful toast I have ever heard at any wedding anywhere, ever. (Not that I'm biased.)

Then they moved to Northampton, two hours away, and we never saw them any more. (They don't drive, and we started having kids — both of us housebound in our own ways.) If it were me, and one of my bestys was two hours away, I would still see him or her every few months or so, but men are different.

But today they were in Cambridge, so we drove in to see them and had a lovely lunch at the Div. School cafeteria, which took me back a couple decades. "Black Bean and Corn Bake" read the sign over one dish of glop, and I smiled, remembering "Calico Skillet" and "Soybean Nut Loaf," two all-star options at my little hippie college.

We had a great, fun lunch, talking fast and furious as ever, and I befriended Barry, their shy dog, who licked my hand so sweetly.

And then I came home and made a pie for another old friend, a mom I met the day Mimosa started kindergarten and have been pallies with ever since, who had a mammogram that raised a red flag, requiring some kind of procedure, which she had yesterday. I devoutly hope all is well, but in the meantime — she gets a pie.

(Good Neighbor Anne: "Want me to deliver it for you?"
Me: "That would be awesome."
GNA: "What kind of pie is it? Do you trust me with a whole pie?"
Me: "Um — it's a meat pie."
GNA: "A meat pie?"
Me: "A dessert meat pie. Made with mutton. And lard.")

Perhaps I should note that Good Neighbor Anne is a vegetarian.

The pie is apple-pear with a streusel crust, and it smells heavenly. Good for what ails you.

The boys are in the kitchen making dinner, which is very entertaining to listen to from afar. Apparently we're having tacos and brownies. YUM.

I think I need to hide, though, before I get roped into helping. Bye!

—Lady C

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