Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 154: (Week 22): **Craptacular** Entertainment!

I rented a bunch of movies to write holiday cards in front of; last night, as noted, I watched The Fugitive, which was wonderful (Jane Lynch sighting!), and today, after spending 27 hours at church, I chose A Star Is Born, v. 3. I've seen the other two and enjoyed them both but somehow missed this particular gem from the '70s (though I do own both the 45 of and sheet music for "Evergreen").


It is so fantastically awful!!!! Granted, I'm only watching with half an eye (signing holiday cards is serious business, people), but nothing — nothing — from the plot to the costumes to the musical numbers to ohmygod the HAIR is compelling me to employ both eyeballs.

And yet, I'm determined to watch to the bitter end, for the iconic moment when Barbra takes the stage (wearing blue jeans, if I remember the scene correctly) and bellows, "I'm not Esther Hoffman! I am MRS. NORMAN MAINE!"

(Or whatever it is that she bellows.)

In other news, it's Weigh In Day!

  • Today's scale reading: 261
In other words: Exactly where I was last week. However, this is significantly down from where I was most of the week, so I'm calling this one a win.

Let's run some numbers!
  • Starting weight: 287
  • Current weight: 261
  • Starting BMI: 43.6
  • Current BMI: 39.7
  • Rate of weight loss: 1.2 pounds per week
Of course I wish it were happening faster — but I think this is still pretty good, and definitely (to use the hot buzzword of today) sustainable. There's nothing I'm doing that feels like a hardship or like something I can't keep doing forever.

But I've got to get back to my cards now and finish up with the hairy antics of Barbra and Kris before 9 p.m. comes, bringing with it the two best things on television: The Good Wife and Downton Abbey! From the craptastic to the sublime, in other words.

And I'll need to break right before then, as I'm reading Li'l Martini The Hunger Games, and neither of us wants to miss that. We watched the movie trailer yesterday, and I bawled through the whole thing, and he stroked my back so kindly. What a good boy he is.


—Lady C

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