Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 155: Sitting Myself Thin

I spent my entire day at the computer, with brief breaks for couples therapy (so. fun.) and cooking dinner (spaghetti, meatballs, salad, fruit). And dealing with the Comcast guy/serial killer who came to my door ostensibly to tell me that Comcast would be working on my street this week but really to try to convince me to switch from RCN to Comcast/size me up for a hit. I watch CSI, I know how this goes down.

(However, it did lead to a hilarious dinner conversation about what we would do if, in fact, the Comcast guy stepped through the doorway and tried to kill me, which we role-played several times. I regret to say that Li'l Martini will be no help in a crisis whatsoever, as his instinct is to become confrontational with the 911 operator. Mimosa and the cats are my only hope. [We're assuming Husband won't be home. He mostly took his glasses off and held his face in his hands during the role plays, an attitude he often assumes during our mealtimes, I must add.])

And technology was not my friend today; my editing program was moving at a snail's pace, for some reason, making a 5-minute page take 20 minutes, which made me wild, and also our new phone doesn't work properly, which made me WILD. (Technology is under the Mister's purview; I just want him to handle it. Which he mostly does, just . . . sometimes not.)

And here was the other thing: I was so hungry. My stomach growled. I was obsessed with what I might eat next. And there was no reason for it! I had a perfectly reasonable breakfast (Greek yogurt and high-fiber chunky cereal) and a perfectly reasonable lunch (leftover taco stuff on a huge plate of lettuce, plus a clementine). I think I was just bored and frustrated. But still — it was so hard not to eat, I almost cried. And yet I'm determined to make the scale start moving again — I can't believe how long it's taken me to lost this next 10 pounds and officially get into the 50s!

Grrr. Arggh. Just one of those days.

I did eat a handful of wasabi almonds. And then while cooking I drank red wine, which is my new favorite trick because I love it less than white wine and so I drink it more slowly but it still feels like a treat.

Unfortunately, I'm kinda starting to love it a lot. Still not as much as white wine, but . . . kinda a lot. So this great "trick" may not work for me much longer. I'll have to switch to something truly disgusting, like Scotch, ughy-pew.

Anyway! I'm done working for the day and I did my five Cheerleader pages and now it's time to address holiday cards and watch You've Got Mail or Waterloo Bridge (two movies I grabbed at the library). And drink coffee. And try to think good slimming thoughts.

Oscar nominations tomorrow!

Lady C

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  1. I LOVE this title! It is what I am attempting too. I hope you are having more luck than I am! xoxo B