Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 159: Snapshots

 Snapshot 1: I had a spirit-restoring lunch with Mrs. Cynicletary today, who made me feel all happy and glowy and loved, like a besty should. (She doesn't read my blog, though, she knows nothing about my life. Well, I had much to tell — all organized by day!)

Snapshot 2: I came home and worked and in fact am only now hanging up my hat for the night. I added up this week's hours (mind you, I work part time), and here's the total: 37 hours. Of sitting in a chair in my dining room, in front of my computer. Mostly in my jammies. Thirty seven hours. Yowza.

Snapshot 3: Mimosa sang perfectly today! Didn't miss a note. Her teacher applauded.

Snapshot 4: Mrs. Cynicletary sent me home with gummy snakes for my kids. Li'l Martini just wandered by, with a snake hanging out of his mouth.

Snapshot 5: I'm about to have a hot date with my husband — we're going to watch Beginners while I mend some pants. Though I may eschew the mending and just sit. And possibly drool.

Not over the men in the movie, I hasten to add.

Thirty seven hours. That's a lot of staring at a screen, looking at other people's words.

Oh, well. It's money.

Unless I cut off a limb tomorrow, I imagine that my weigh-in will be pretty sucky.

Maybe I'll do isometrics while I watch Christopher Plummer.

Off to hold hands with my hubby. And drink coffee and eat Kettle Korn Cookies. (Actually, probably not; Mimosa and Daddy made supper tonight, and she made these yummy doughnut muffins, light and airy with butter and cinnamon-sugar on top, and I think my tiny sweet tooth is pretty satisfied.)

xx Lady C


  1. Brilliant. Impressive.
    Your Christmas card made BOTH Riley and me laugh out loud repeatedly. You are SUCH a good writer.
    And PUH LEASE do not miss the convention!

  2. YAY Mimosa! I knew you could do it!