Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 160: Good Things, Yes! Bad Things, No!

My friend TNT once wanted to make a bumper sticker saying this. I've always loved it. Though I mentioned it to a former friend, Pedantic Barry, who declared that it wasn't specific enough.

Bye-bye, Barry.

Today was yet another mixed bag, though I've decided to ac-cen-tuate the positive. I got up early, thinking that I might go to zumba, since my client had said late last night that she might not need me today after all. But she did need one little thing . . . that took two hours. And then she couldn't open the file I sent, so I tried re-saving and sending it a number of different ways, which took another hour. So I missed the 8:00 zumba class, and then I missed the 10:00 zumba class. And then I was bummed, because I really really wanted to exercise today, and what did that leave but my boring treadmill?

Some days it's just the ticket, but today . . . I was not in the mood.

But then — eureka! I remembered that I'm an idiot! (Sigh.) There are other places to walk in this world than a straight repetitive line in my basement! And it's a beautiful day, so I strapped on my sneaks and headed out to enjoy fresh air, blue skies, a crisp breeze, and Mother Nature's bounty.

Which, you know, is not usually my thing. In any way. But today it was perfect. I greeted two of my puppy friends, Millie and Hazel, who barked frantically when they saw me, then came running over to be loved. And then I walked by Nurse Kathy's house just as her hunky firefighter husband was pulling into the driveway with some pizza, and at the sight of me he started catcalling, of course, because he's a guy, so I came inside to chat with Nurse Kathy and fam for a bit, which was a great treat. I love her so much, and her son Beast is a dead ringer for Martini, it's uncanny. I also showed her my core exercise; we had her daughter, Princess Princess, hold our feet, and it was totally fun.

And then dusk began to fall and I high-tailed it out of there, walking home at a brisk clip. I've done this walk a million times and it usually takes about an hour — which it did today, including the stop at Nurse Kathy's house. I am walking faster! I am fitter!

But when I'm supercrazybusy, like today, I make truly terrible food choices. For breakfast, while sitting in front of the computer, desperately trying to finish this job so I can get to 10:00 zumba, I had a big bowl of Lucky Charms. (Uh, skim milk? Whole grain? OK, it wasn't a big bowl of sugar and lard, but still. That is a pretty crappy breakfast.) And then at lunchtime, while I was comparing two documents because I'd done my edits on the older version (client's fault) (whatever) (she's paying me), I mainlined a sizeable glop of goat cheese, crackers, and a clementine. (Um, reduced-fat Triscuits? Whole wheat? Fresh fruit? Yeah, I know. Cheese is pure fat.)

And then, feeling all a-glow and deeply virtuous from my power walk, I cheerfully undid all my good work with an enormous dinner at Margarita's. YES, I'll have an Icy Spicy margarita! YES, I'll have guacamole, also some chili con queso, also a fish taco, also 10,007 tortilla chips! And YES, another margarita, por favor! SI!

While I was walking fast, it was fun to "feel the burn" in my long leg muscles and my short, squatty butt muscles and to imagine that someday my saggy aging posterior might actually be tight and taut and toned, like something that could be found on Cher's body. It was very very fun to imagine this.

Now why I can't keep that picture in my head when someone's offering me guacamole and Icy Spicy margaritas? That I could not tell you.

I'm going to do some Cheerleader proofing now, I'm woefully behind, and then the menfolk and I have a date to watch Real Steel starring my Hollywood husband Hugh Jackman. They are going to fold laundry, I am going to do some mending.

Oh! Speaking of. We LOVED Beginners. Highly recommended. And yes, I stand by my original assertion: Christopher Plummer has this Oscar in the bag.

And: Don't you love my picture for today? I Googled "woman walking outdoors with iPod" and that is one of the images that came up. And how could I not choose it?

I found out that my work project got extended through mid-February, so I'll be working at this pace a while longer — but then after that, who knows. So it's a weird position to be in, I agree — complaining about how much I'm working right now while also panicking that I won't have enough work. Well, we'll see how it all plays out.

Off to the breathless adventures of Snowy and Tom! (Read the book, Hart sistren!)

love and kisses,
Lady Icy Spicy Chardonnay

p.s. Happy birthday to Bride Boy, one of my best and dearest friends! He lives in Seattle now, and we haven't seen each other since Mimosa was a baby, which is WAY too long. I miss you and love you, my friend.


  1. "There are other places to walk in this world than a straight repetitive line in my basement!" and this is why you are my fitness guru. I am so happy when I save up your blog posts and read them all over the weekend. It is like having a whole visit with you.

  2. Hee! And it was great fun to wake up to a slurry of comments from you. Thanks for reading! and commenting! and being my sweet friend, even when you blow me off. And NOT in a porny way. ;)


  3. Yes, WAY too long, indeed! Your blog is making me yearn for a visit. Who knows, maybe this spring . . .?

    Bride Boy