Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 161 (Week 23): Weigh-In Woes, Frozen Girls, and Other News 

My weight was way up this morning, and I've decided to declare tomorrow my official Weigh-In Day. Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. It can't be worse, I'll go out on that limb.

Today was also Labors of Love Day — I spent my morning working on Betsy-Tacy Convention registration stuff, trying to condense eight pages of exciting Convention pitch into two pages of exciting Convention pitch that doesn't feel overly abbreviated or make you squint your eyes too much. But this is the kind of picky exacting work I love.

And then tonight my plan is to sit at my computer and drink wine and proof as many Cheerleader pages as I can before I go blind (or get blind drunk, either seems possible) — and, let's be honest, before The Good Wife starts. (I watch Julianna in real time and tape Downton Abbey to watch when I'm cuddled in bed with a hot cuppa. Soooooo lovely! How I adore Sunday night TV!)

You may have already deduced this, but my client didn't need me today, hurrah!! And I did spend many hours at church, but it was lovely. And I had a tuna sandwich for lunch — also lovely.

This afternoon has been kind of funny. I was resolved to take another outdoor walk, as it's sunny again, but for some reason I was also fixated on the idea of making Anadama Rolls for dinner. I've never made Anadama Rolls before, and to my knowledge I've never eaten one in my life. But I've been weeding recipes from my overstuffed recipe boxes (because they are so overstuffed they are currently unusable) and I ran across that one a few weeks ago, and I guess it's been lurking in my subconscious ever since, waiting to bubble to the surface at just the right moment.

So, if you don't know, Anadama Rolls are made with a yeast dough, flavored with cornmeal and molasses, and sprinkled with poppy seeds. The name (reportedly) comes from a profane man describing his wife: "Anna, damn her!" And wrestling with that ana-damn dough was the biggest pain in my arse imaginable. It took me half an hour to work in four of the required five cups of flour, and I cheerfully eschewed cup #5. So . . . we'll see how the rolls turn out. They're baking now and they smell good, but c'mon — it's yeast and molasses. It's going to smell good, even if it's a yeasty molasses plank.

But after wrestling that freakin' dough, I was ready to work out, so once again I donned my trusty sneaks and bright turquoise hoodie, and set out on my course, while the dough rose in my oven.

(Me, to Husband: "I've got dough rising in here, don't turn on the oven for any reason."
Husband: "Thank God you warned me.")

And as I tripped down my driveway, I promptly discovered that it is butt cold outside today! I quickly changed course and did my shorter-but-more-strenuous route, which involves climbing a big hill. And it was a good walk and definitely a good workout, but holy cow I was rosy redheaded Popsicle when I returned home. Husband brought me some coffee, and I could feel my insides doing a slow drip as they thawed.

Along with the Anadama Rolls, we're having tilapia with Greek seasoning, coleslaw, a mess o' cooked greens with sauteed onions, and a big bowl of red and green grapes. There will be plenty to eat even if the rolls are awful . . . but I live in hope. I'll let you know.

Many blessings to all of you on this, the Lord's day.

xx's from Lady C, daughter of God

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