Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 163: Just Time for a Quickie

I spent the day at the computer, finishing these ridiculous References — 24 pages, ultimately. But now it's done. And then I went to zumba and pushed hard and worked out all my muscle cramps, which was awesome — my hands were claws on the way there, but now my fingers are flexy and spry again.

But it's late, and I'm longing for a hot bath, so I will keep this brief. 

Tomorrow should be a more interesting and eventful day! Today, the most interesting thing that happened was that I failed my car inspection. (My license plate is the wrong color. Don't ask. At least it's a legal color; I once painted the letters purple, with nail polish, because I thought it would be pretty. Which it was. What is also was, was kinda illegal. Who knew?)

Oh! And Mimosa passed her singing thing and is going to the district festival! I really don't know any details, but her teacher wrote to tell me that she is very proud of her. She got a very good score, apparently. You just never know.

All right — bathy calls! And I shall answer!

—Lady C, soon to be immersed in Mandarin-Ginger scented bubbles

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