Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 164: Please Sir, May I Have Another?

Another one of those all-work-and-no-play days, that is.

Except today did have an amusing moment.

But mostly it was more of the same: Sit at my computer from dawn till dusk, desperately trying to finish this multi-piece proposal, which is up there in the Top 10 of all-time boring proposals.

OK, possibly that's not true. It's about kids doing science labs, and in one lab they're manipulating raw E. coli. So, grotesque and horrifying, for sure, but possibly not boring.


Every day this week I've worked eight straight hours (and that's eight hours of solid work — I'm not paid to take a lunch hour or gossip with a colleague), and, again, the money will be great, but I do not want to work this much. But this is the nature of freelancing —it's feast or famine.  And right now I'm in the midst of a bounteous feast —  too bounteous, in fact, I'm full to bursting — but the famine is right around the corner, and I'm looking it square in the eye.

What can you do.

I knocked off work at 6, because tonight I hosted a meeting for a subcommittee of our Auction Committee: my co-auctioneer, Handsome White Male; my besty Sexy Em, who plays our merchandise teaser "Vanna Black"; and Pammy-Lin, the chair of the committee and one of my church drinkin' buds. Our task: to come up with three jazzy and theatrical announcements re: the upcoming auction. Our theme is "Rhapsody in Blue," and the sub-theme is "From Ball Gowns to Blue Jeans." I pitched an idea for one of the announcements that has me in a beautiful blue ball gown (one of Mrs. Cynicletary's former bridesmaid dresses), waxing rhapsodic about how the auction is a chance to dress up and get all glammy, and to every exuberant thing I say, Handsome White Man utters, flatly, "I'm wearing jeans." Everyone loved it, so that will be our first announcement.

It was a fun meeting, and we drank a LOT of wine, also beer, also Prosecco. It was just that kind of meeting.

Today was not remotely a good weight-loss day. I looked sadly at the blue sky, and listened sadly to the reports of my children, who declared "it feels like summer outside today!" I wanted to take a walk, but there just wasn't time. And I think my first two meals were reasonable (though honestly I can't remember what I had for lunch), but for dinner I had drinkin' snacks: cheese, olives, bread and butter, nuts. Though I also had some fresh veggies and strawberries. Still. Not a Weight Watchers approved meal, I'm fairly sure, even before the multiple glasses of Chardonnay and Prosecco.

Part of the problem was that I slept in today, I was just so exhausted (and having a very sexy dream about the guy who came to spray my house for mosquitos) (No, we don't have mosquitos. There is no such guy. But it was a very sexy dream. He was a cross between Mac Davis and Grant Snow. A sexy cross), so I didn't start working until 9:30, instead of 7:30, as I usually do. And there are just so many pieces to this proposal! But I think I'm done with it tomorrow. And then Friday I'll start another Criminal Justice unit, probably.

But I will not work this weekend! I'm determined to take my family to see Beauty and the Beast in 3-D, my favorite Disney movie, and then on Sunday, when the rest of the world is watching sweaty men in tight pants and shoulder pads toss a pigskin about, which is not gay in the least, Mimosa and I will go see War Horse. Last year, on "this" Sunday, we saw The Blind Side and then went to the restaurant next door to grab a bite, not realizing that (a) it was a sports bar and (b) it was "the" sports Sunday, and people laughed at us as we went, "Ohhhhhhhh" after watching the TV for a couple of minutes. The commercials were fun, though.

I guess I should be rooting for "my" team, but I could not care less about the Patriots. Sorry. When the Red Sox are playing well, my whole city has a happy mellow vibe, and I can totally groove on that. But the Pats? Whatev. Not my thing.

Oscar news: I'm trying to watch Warrior in bed at night, but it puts me right to sleep. I've got Moneyball in my hands, right this very minute, and I really want to see that, so I may just give up on Warrior. But I'll try to finish it tonight.

I'm still trying to decide whether to host an Oscar party this year. The party I have in my head is always so much more fun than the one that actually happens, and as I cleaned up from last year's party, I swore it would be my last. But Mimosa really really wants to invite a friend who would be a super-cool addition, so . . . I dunno. Still deciding.

OK! I'm going to make myself a cup of tea (I drank all the coffee), try to watch some Warrior, and probably fall right to sleep. Tomorrow . . . oh, lots on my plate. But I'll worry about it then.


—Lady C

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