Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 165: Good Neighbors

Tonight's post is dedicated to Good Neighbor Anne, whose birthday is today! Cute little groundhog girl.

We had a very jolly time, toasting her at the restaurant I've been calling Asian Fusion Hooty-Doody, because I can't remember its actual name. But I had several nice glasses of wine and some scrumptious sushi, and it was very fun to be with my friend and celebrate her life, in a circle of awesome women and her cutie-pie beau. Love my friend!

We met when I moved to Arlington, into the house diagonally across the street from hers, and I spent many a morning/afternoon/early evening walking my one-year-old daughter up and down the street, up and down the street. (My friend the Maybelline Queen commented that I've never been so tan in my life. Which is true.) And during one of these slow, slow jaunts, I met Good Neighbor Anne doing much the same thing with her one-year-old girl. And I fell madly in love with both of them right away, and we've all been dear friends ever since.

Yes, that is a very truncated version of the story, but it's late, and I just got home from a meeting (went straight from birthday dinner to a meeting — I brought coffee to sober myself up, but I still feel a tad . . . giddy), and I need to get to bed!

(Yes, I am still watching Warrior.)

(Or I guess I should say: trying to watch Warrior. Man, that flick is a snooze-inducer!)

I have high hopes for tomorrow. I have to go to the Registry (that's the New England DMV, Cali friends) to get new license plates (did I mention that I flunked my car inspection on two counts? This is Count 1: wrong-color license plates. Don't ask) and I have a few more references to look up and format for my Criminal Justice client, but after that . . . I think I'm free! My goals are to take a mid-day bath (such a luxury!!) and then to paint my nails and watch Crazy Stupid Love with Mimosa, and then go to dinner somewhere girly (Li'l Martini and Mr. Lady C have basketball and then a boy dinner). I hope I hope I hope. I really need an afternoon of leisure!!

But now, to bed.

xx Lady C, working girl

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