Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 166: Love My Girl!!

Today was a really great day.

I got up at my usual time and did a couple of quick things for work, my last work commitment of the week, and then I did my timesheet: SEVENTY-ONE hours!!! Again, it's too much work . . . but that is going to be an amazing paycheck. So, that was kinda cool.

And then I went off to the Registry to turn in my crappy old wrong-color license plate and get two new (ugh) red ones. (Red is my least favorite color, but what can you do.) And it looked like it was going to be a piece of cake, since a sign clearly said License Plate Return: Go to Self-Serve Kiosk, so, yay, skip the mile-long line, lucky me! I typed in all my info, got a receipt, and dropped my crappy plate into the designated slot. And then . . . I wondered how I was going to get the new plates, as there was clearly no license plate robo-butler heading over holding my new plates in its helpful claw.

So . . . I trudged my way to the end of the mile-long line. It was okay, though; just ahead of me was a mom I like from school (my son is secretly, deeply, in love with her daughter), and we had a fun time chatting, and also I had a magazine, and the line moved quickly enough, and in a matter of minutes I was explaining my situation to the woman behind the counter.

An angry dwarf woman, who barked at me, "You returned your plate? When you wanted to exchange it? What were you thinking?" She clearly wanted to stamp MORON on my forehead, possibly with her own hooves. And here's me all, ". . . whuh? The sign said!"

But I was very clear on who had the power in this situation, and it wasn't the girl with no license plate, so I meekly took the number she gave me and went to wait my turn with the other morons. (Seriously. The lady behind me was deeply confused by her own phone, and the person next to me said the words, "I saw it on the Facebooklet.")

(Yeah, but I bet they all had license plates.)

In any event, I am now the proud owner of two shiny plates, the redness of which does not bother me in the least, because they are so clean and new and pretty! And almost all even numbers, which I love. I am now "846 HZ1." Come up with some cool acronym for HZ1, and I'll love you forever. (My last plate was NBJ, and my acronym was filthy. I'll never tell.)

And then I came home to start my day of leisure and pampering, but I was determined to "earn" it first by working up a good sweat. Except . . . I really really really didn't want to walk on my treadmill. And though the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous bright-blue day, it was still a little too cold to walk outside. But then I thought of a great compromise: I did three fast zumba routines to the songs I've downloaded ("I Like How It Feels," "La Vida Loca," and "Show Me How You Burlesque"), then I lifted my 5-pound weights (70 bicep curls, 30 tricep lifts) and did three different kinds of leg lifts, then I held on to the pillar in our basement and worked my core, then I attempted to do push-ups on my basement stairs (ouch), and finally I stretched, which felt awesome; my calves have been so tight from sitting for 71 hours for the past two weeks! And this felt like a great workout; I was definitely sweaty, and every muscle was singing.

And then I took a bath! At noon! It was soooooo luxurious. And then Mimosa and I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love while I painted my fingernails and toenails and gave myself a lovely pedicure and got all the dry cracked skin off my heels. My feet are now sweet and pink and baby-soft, my toenails are plum, and my fingernails are fawn. I haven't been well-groomed in weeks, so this was a truly lovely and long overdue treat.

My darling daughter and I just had Thai food for dinner, and I introduced her to fresh rolls, which she loved, and then we came home and watched our favorite trashy TV show, Ringer, which is finally back after a month's hiatus, and we are so happy!! And when I'm done here, I plan to curl in my comfy chair with a hot creamy cup of coffee and catch up on my backlog of magazines and G, the section of the Boston Globe comprising everything I actually like to read in the newspaper (movie, TV, and book reviews, recipes, advice for the lovelorn, and comics).

A pretty darn perfect day, I must say! And I anticipate a lovely weekend ahead as well. I wish the same for you.

To all, a good night!

—Lady C


  1. All I can think of for the license plate is Huzzah! I got nothing to include the 1 so I go with Huzzah One. (Mr Lady C can be Huzzah 2!)

    Oooh, I know, put a dot under the 1 so it looks like an exclamation point!!! Then it really will be Huzzah!

    I get to stand in the DMV line in a few weeks to switch the personalized plates on the old car (The Boy's wheels) to the new one (CPA Boy's new Prius). Do we see anywhere in here that *I* got anything, and yet who will do the DMV dirty work? Sheesh.


  2. HoZone

    So much better when you create your own.


  3. I wanted to contribute a clever licesnse plate acronym, and the first thing that came to mind was "Hell's ______ One." Z, as you know, is hard. So I Googled "adjectives that start with z" and found this webpage:

    It did not provide me with the perfect "z" word, but it's an amusing page. Check it out; it'll make you smile.

    Bride Boy

    P.S. I think I guessed what your acronum was for your old plate. If I'm right, oy, do not ever say that out loud. To ANYONE!

  4. As you know Z is my nickname so "Hello Z #1" sounds good to me!