Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 169: Small Steps

A huge shout-out to my besty in California, Lady Darcy, who has lost an entire inch from her waist, woo-hoo!! My friend is not an exercise girl, but she's been making an effort to take a little walk every day, just a short one around her block, about three-quarters of a mile, which takes her 15 minutes.

And I read this on her blog and simultaneously thought, "Good for her!" and "That is such a short walk, I don't think it would do me any good at all."

Well, guess what? Lady Darcy walked three-quarters of a mile yesterday. I walked zero quarters of a mile yesterday. She got exercise and I didn't.

I don't always have the time (or, let's face it, the inclination) for the workout of my dreams, but I always have time for a short walk around my block. And I am far more likely to turn a short walk around my block into a slightly longer walk, or into a short walk that concludes with weight-lifting or core work, than I am to turn sitting-in-my-work-chair into anything that looks like exercise.

So that is my new vow: If nothing else, I will take a short walk every day.

Today the roofers were here, and it sounded like freaking Beirut inside my house, but now I have a gorgeous new roof. And a Dumpster in my driveway, but that is not permanent. The new roof has a lifetime guarantee. Wow, joke will be on us if we die young, I guess.

I also helped sell stuff at the middle school book fair, which was totally fun, and I bought three books, including Toys Go Out, which all my Betsy-Tacy friends rave about. Because I need more stuff to read, as do we all.

(My dear friend Bride Boy just read my entire blog in one fell swoop and e-mailed me, "By the way, how is it that you seem to be reading a new book every single day?!! AND you watch multiple movies in one evening?? I don’t get it. Are you living in some sort of weird extended time paradigm?" It's just good time management, my friend. Also, I read fast and remember nothing. So fun!!)

Zumba tonight! I plan to push hard and sweat hard; my weight was quite lovely this morning, and I want to encourage this trend.

(I haven't taken my own measurements, but I can report that I've lost a ton of back fat! I used to be able to grab a whole handful right above my butt, and there's almost nothing there now.)

Sally forth!

—Lady C

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Also, by doing a 15 minute walk there really is NO EXCUSE not to do it. Because it's only 15 minutes!

    But now I have a back heel blister and MAN, does that sound like a good excuse NOT to walk! (And yet I will, because, hey, results!)