Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 170: College Girl

My aforementioned California besty has a bunch of pictures from our college life on her blog today; if you want to see what I looked like back then, check 'em out! 

Even though I was much thinner then, I think I'm actually prettier now. (See above.) It helps that I no longer ring my eyes with black eyeliner, I suppose, and that I wear supportive undergarments (or any undergarments) and get regular haircuts at an actual salon.

Oh, crap, am I right back to my fear of looking haggard and awful once I lose my fat face?!!

Well, no danger of that happening any time soon.

Though it was funny — Lady Darcy and I were talking last night, and I said, "I have this crater on my chin, it's like an enormous dent, but it wasn't preceded by anything — just, one day, I suddenly had a dent." And she shrieked, "That happened to me too!!!! . . . do you think it's because we're losing weight?" And we HOWLED.

Yes, fat is slooooowwwwly disappearing from our faces — in little pockets. Yay?

I have little news to report, so instead (somewhat inspired by looking at pictures of old, old friends) I thought I'd do a quick round-up of the dear friends I invited to read my blog and help keep me on track:
  • College friends: Lady Darcy, J, Zanzibar
  • First-adult-job friend: Mrs. Fog Dog
  • Planned Parenthood friends: Maybelline Queen (who reminds me that she was there when I first met and fell in love with Mr. Lady C — so true! She was my first besty he met) and Bride Boy
  • Betsy-Tacy friends: Inspirational Kathy, Brunie, the Sisters Hart, Darsaleia, Blogger Dawn, and KC
  • Neighborhood friend: Good Neighbor Anne
  • Work friend: Mrs. Cynicletary
  • Kids' school friend: Nurse Kathy
  • Church friends: Kind Tina and Sexy Em
It makes me feel all happy and glowy to see your names in a list like that. Love my friends!!

Some of you asked if you can share my blog with others, and it's absolutely fine — I was more shy at first, but now that it's part of my routine, feel free to go wild, particularly if you think anything I say here might help someone else.

This week, I am really really really trying to walk the straight and narrow weight-loss path, which for me means (1) eating small,  healthy meals with lots of fresh produce, (2) letting myself stay just a little bit hungry, rather than rushing to get a snack, (3) getting some exercise every day, even if it's just a short walk, and (4) getting at least seven hours of sleep. Eight would be better, but this is one of my biggest challenges, most likely due to the vats of coffee I consume all day long, including right before bed. But the scale has been my very good friend so far this week, so, we'll see. I am really really really ready to hit my next milestone (thwack!), and this steely determination is helping me stay motivated and focused.

Time for dinner (it's been a crazy day of rushing about, the kids and Husband are in nine different places right now — so, dinner by myself at 7:21 p.m., whatev). I'm going to have a big yummy salad and a cup of Trader's Joe's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, and it will be very delicious and satisfying. And if I feel a need for dessert, I'm going to toast a piece of the nice bread I bought today and put some jam on it, no butter, and have that with my evening coffee. All good.

Bon appetit!

—Lady C

p.s. When I have that slightly hungry hollow feeling, I love imagining that my body is feeding itself on my fat cells.

Which is probably just making more dents someplace. Sigh.

p.p.s. This morning I put on my jeans but was still nekkid up top, and I held my boobs in my hands and showed Husband how my stomach actually moves now, significantly, when I hold it in, and I kept saying, "Look! Look!" in great excitement as I modeled it for him — taut, slack, taut, slack — and then returned to getting dressed, and he said, "I gotta be honest . . . I wasn't looking at your stomach at all." I said, "They were in my hands, you couldn't even see anything," and he said, "It just didn't matter."

We're getting along just fine, in other words.

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  1. Woohoo! Made the list.

    I am still giggling over your use of the word "nekkid." I think I will meander over to our private pool and take a dip sans clothes just to honor you. (But wish you were here with me in lovely tropical Mexico right now!)