Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 173: Accomplishment!

I just finished proofing The Cheerleader, and it's been so much fun; I've been e-mailing Ruth Doan MacDougall (my favorite living author) and Wilde Woman, her graphic designer and webmistress and my buddy, every day with questions like "Do you want to hyphenate 'dining-room table'?" which is the type of conversation we all get giddy over. Ruth told me that "V-neck" is a noun and "V-necked" is an adjective, and I nearly swooned!

Yes, I am in the right profession.

And I'm also thrilled because I found an error; Tom pulls into the driveway behind Mike, and Roger pulls in behind Tom, and then Mike leaves — which is clearly impossible, given how skinny New England driveways are. So I got to see Ruth in action, rewriting a small section of one page. It gave me goosebumps!

For those who have somehow managed to resist the charms of The Cheerleader, my most favorite book in the entire world, it is the story of Henrietta "Snowy" Snow's sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school in the 1950s. As the title suggests, she is a cheerleader. She's also an honor student, driven to succeed, and she's in love (from afar, as the book opens) with dreamboat Tom Forbes. I can't even really explain why I love and adore this book so much, but I love every single page of it. I heart Snowy, I know Snowy, I am Snowy.

(Except, really not. But when I read it I feel like I am.)

The picture above is the real-life Snowy, Ruth herself, with husband Don. They are the dearest couple. Visiting them is always a treat. The last time I drove up there (they live in the wilds of New Hampshire), I brought my mom, who also loves the book, and Ruth let me read all her old yearbooks. SO fun!!

Anyway, that was a wonderful thing to check off my list today.

I also took a long walk, trying to keep up the pace of a person hurrying to catch a bus, which is what my primary doc says I need to do in order for walking to have any real health benefits. And tonight, after dinner, I plan to lift weights, work my core, and stretch, before collapsing into a hot bath.

Totally unrelated, do any of you ever look at my counting system (Day #, Week #) and say to yourself, That girl's on crack? I mess it up all the time. Whatever number I said last week was, is wrong. This Sunday will be Week 25, and I devoutly hope to have lost 25+ pounds so I can continue my rate of losing 1+ pounds per week. So far, so good, but I don't want to tempt fate.

(We just had dinner: cheddar cheese soup, homemade soft pretzels, braised mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, and JELL-O with strawberries and grapes. So good! And the pretzels — which I made for the first time — were awesome and adorable! I love cute food.)

I've been writing this post on and off for the past two hours, so I'll sign off now and get on to the next thing.

TGIF, man!

—Lady C

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