Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 174: Extremely Sad and Incredibly Well-Acted

Another Mommy 'n' Mimosa day, so much fun! First we all did our chores, and I managed not to bark at my filthy piggish family (this is huge for me), and I also wore my zumba clothes as I worked, which reminded me to lift - bend - stretch - lunge — in other words, make it as much of a workout as possible.

Then we split into boy-girl pairs; the boys' tasks were grocery- and birthday-present shopping, whereas the girls had an auction donation to pick up, library books to drop off, and an Oscar movie to see! (Ours was totally more fun.) We had lunch at a new restaurant, Madrona Tree, which focuses on fresh, healthy local food, and I had possibly the best burger I have ever had in my life!! We didn't notice that they didn't come with fries (you had to order those separately) but we'd really wanted to try some of their vegetables, so that's what we had as sides: garlic spinach, and roasted Brussels sprouts with apple. SO YUMMY.

(I'm putting together a basket of Be-Good-to-Your-Body items for our school auction, and Madrona Tree gave me a gift certificate. Also, my Italian Spitfire zumba teacher agreed to donate an eight-class zumba session [and she'll throw in a zumba towel or a T-shirt, "For you," she says, wrinkling her nose at me — she is such a doll] and I'll try to get our local massage place to donate something, and I'll add, like, a loofah and body scrub and a bottle of water and a coupon for four hours of babysitting. How much would you pay? I think it will be very popular.)

The movie was good, I thought — not my favorite of this year's films, and it had some draggy moments, but it also surprised me many times and also made me cry. (Which, duh — it's about 9/11.) And the boy playing Oscar Schell, our main character, is such a find! I think he blew Clooney and Pitt out of the water this year — I'd hand this kid the Oscar, no hesitation.

I chose to use this picture from the movie because Sandra was also very wonderful, I thought. You expect Tom Hanks to be great, and he was, and Viola Davis was her always-remarkable can't-take-your-eyes-off-her self, but Sandra had what I thought was the most difficult part, and she nailed it. The scenes that made me cry hardest both involved her.

Max von Sydow was also lovely, but I stand by my earlier prediction that Christopher Plummer will take the Oscar. Which is a less impressive prediction today than it was three months ago when I was the first one saying it. I just . . . want it noted.

On the way to the theater, Mimosa and I amused ourselves by playing one of our favorite games, Six-Word Summaries (sum up the plot of one of the Oscar nominees in six words). Can you guess?
  • Black and white, dog steals show.
  • Black and white, Octavia steals show.
  • Who gets land? Comatose wife . . . trampy.
  • Brad Pitt is a bipolar dad!
  • Brad Pitt is a baseball coach!
  • Ryan Gosling wants Clooney elected president.
  • Unbreakable friendship between boy and equine.
  • England triumphant, Falklands, but ultimately dementia.
Try it, 's fun!

Except for the enormous burger of deliciousness, I've eaten lightly today (and won't have any more food tonight) and am so so so hopeful for tomorrow's weigh-in. After which, I will break open the bottle of wine I've been hoarding all week and guzzle a HUGE glass.

Yes, at seven in the morning, right after I weigh myself.

Issues? Moi?

(Keep your fingers crossed for me!)
—Lady C, ready to imbibe

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