Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 175 (Week 25): Back to the Fifties!

  • Today's scale reading: 259 !!!!!!!!!
I am one happy pumpkin.

Of course, only in America's Diet Land is this a number to cheer, but nonetheless. I've lost 28 pounds, and I am thrilled as all giddy-up.


My BMI is now a number starting with "30," which also thrills me. For my BMI to be considered healthy, I have to weigh 164 or less. I am now less than a hundred pounds from a healthy weight. This also feels like huge progress.

(My dream weight is 149, because I love the idea of being closer to 100 pounds than 200 pounds. But I haven't weighed anything close to that since my freshman year in high school. If I can reach and maintain 164, I will certainly consider that success!!)

(Plus, as I always tell my Italian Spitfire zumba teacher when she barks at me to go lower when I do squats, I am very tall. I'm really squatting quite deeply, it's just that my head will always be higher than the shrimpy girls', and I will always weigh more than they do, even if I'm perfectly thin.)

(Yeah, she doesn't buy it either.)

Today was lots of fun in other ways too. I played hooky from church (bad girl!) because I had so much to do, but it was unavoidable: finish the laundry; get food and game supplies and Yankee Swap items together for a Betsy-Tacy Valentine party in Worcester; doctor Mimosa (her cold is getting worse) and decide which of her three events — Betsy-Tacy party, yoga, Coming of Age church class — she could and should attend, if any; read another chapter of The Hunger Games to Martini (he's obsessed) and get him organized for the birthday party he's attending tonight; and edit a few pages of Criminal Justice Unit 4: Bad Bad Juvie Youth. Busy busy!

Brunie came and picked me up for the party and we had great fun on the 45-minute ride there and back, and the party was very fun as well. (We missed you, Sister Hart! Where were you?) All I ate today, really, was party food, and yet it was so good I ate several platefuls of it, and I certainly didn't exercise (other than the exertion involved in managing three lives from afar), so who knows what the scale will say. But I don't care. Party food . . . so good.

I just drank the glass of wine that I didn't drink this morning, and it's gone straight to my head, so perhaps I need to eat something more substantial than party food!

Off to find soup. If only the kitchen would hold still . . .

(ha ha)

I'm thrilled to officially enter the '50s at last and I also hope my stay here will be brief.

Determinedly (and slightly drunkenly) yours,

Lady C


  1. I am absolutely awed and inspired. You are sublime!
    Kathy Baxter

  2. Way to go, Lady!! What a fantastic, inspiring milestone! Very proud of you. Big hug.

    Love, Bride Boy.

    P.S. I'm with Martini re Hunger Games. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. on Saturday finishing it. About to order the second book -- hope it's as good.

  3. Yay! Congrats. Sorry to have missed you and Brunie yesterday, but I was drowning in home renovations--crews here all weekend.

  4. You guys are the sweetest sweeties! Thank you for cheering for me.

    As for the Hunger Games, my friend, you will find a wide range of opinions (possible even right here on this blog!). I gobbled up all three w/o pausing to consider whether the sequels were as good, but on reflection, the third one is EXTREMELY dark, and I know some people who dislike it greatly. The first one probably is the best. I don't care, though, I'll follow Katniss Everdeen wherever she wants to go.