Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 177: Cupid!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear ones!

I love pretty much any "special" day, and this is a particularly nice one. For years, I sent Valentines to everyone I loved, often making them myself. But as I get older, and as I send my Christmas cards closer to Groundhog's Day every year, the work involved in doing such a thing has ever less appeal.

Sorry, kids. I hope you know I love you!

I bought dark chocolate hearts for my daughter and milk chocolate hearts for my son and really yummy gourmet chocolate chip cookies for my truelove, plus one funny card and one mushy card, and he showered me with cards and gave me a beautiful bouquet with lots of different kinds of flowers, reds and pinks and whites, and I love it a lot.

Mostly, though, we all saw little of each other today. I worked all day; Martini had to go to school early for remedial math class ("Dear Parent: Congratulations! Your child is none too bright!"), and though it was an early release day and he got home at 12:20, he brought Shrieki with him, and they locked themselves in the TV room to wrestle to death via Wii; Mimosa had not one, not two, but three different singing rehearsals; Mr. Lady C taught a class and had office hours, and by the time he got home I was off to zumba. So romantic!

Good Neighbor Anne's angel daughter also came home early to find that she was locked out of her house; she wouldn't accept my offer of a comfy couch and a cup of tea, preferring to tough it out on her own chilly porch, but I called out my door to her every 10 minutes or so to make sure she was still alive, and this highly entertained the boys; "How's that frozen girl doing?" Shrieki asked at one point.

Zumba was great; my teacher made me lead the cool-down routine again so she could wander through the room Purell-ing all our hands, and then she gave us homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries, which was so lovely! I am no better at remembering the cool-down routine than I've ever been, and the class laughed at me, but at one point we all grabbed a foot and leaned forward in a stretch, and I cried, "You're all swans! Lovely lovely swans!" and then they laughed with me instead of at me, and that was very fun.

Earlier I had a very stiff neck, which came on rather suddenly, along with what felt like the beginning of an aura migraine, so I Googled "sudden stiff neck and headache" and learned that I have meningitis. Bummer! But I think zumba cured it, so (a) my teacher can add that to her marketing materials, it seems to me, and (b) it was clearly a fast-acting meningitis. A Valentine's Day miracle! But a hot bath wouldn't hurt anything either.

I hope you all got a big yummy kiss today! 

And here's a virtual one from me: X

To the bath!

—Lady C

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  1. "Like a Valentine from your mother...it's bound to melt your heart." Jenny Lewis.