Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 179: Sweet Baby Blue Eyes

I had breakfast this morning with my Church Boyfriend, he of the beautiful blue eyes, and I feasted on a maple oatmeal scone with a side of adoration.

I should probably mention that there were three other people with us and that the topic on the agenda was updating our by-laws.


I might also mention that when I got home, I kissed my husband silly. "I know who you're thinking of," he said, but he accepted my guilt kisses.

I gotta stop waiting to blog till the very last thing, I am just too sleeeeepy to think of anything clever! Alas, it has not been a great week for glamorous weight loss or steely discipline. I had another migraine this morning, but I had to hop out of bed to get to church for Lectio Divina and then the white hot meeting . . . and when I got home (after the making out) it was all nose-to-the-grindstone work work work.

And THEN my client had the nerve to say, "I thought you'd be farther along by now." BEE. YATCH.

Except, well, yeah. If I hadn't had two migraines, I would be farther along. But I will catch up this weekend, and I have never freaking missed a deadline for them yet. In, like, 25 years!

OK, it hasn't been 25 years. But I have been working for them for a LONG time.


(Oooh — perhaps my righteous indignation is burning some calories, right this minute!)

For dinner tonight, I made homemade chili and coleslaw and hot dogs, and Mimosa made corn bread, and we had a big bowl of fresh cherries and grapes, and I ate a smallish portion of everything, but still — this is not nature's diet food, I know. But it was goooooood.

OK. I've got to get to bed. I really hope I don't have a headache tomorrow! Or if I do, that it's over soon so I can get some work done. Because, you know, it's all about keeping my clients happy.

< sloooowww burn >

I'm also throwing Li'l Martini's birthday party tomorrow, and what have I done to prepare for it? Exactly nothing.

But I will think about that tomorrow!

Off to the Land of Nod,

Lady C

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