Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 180: Party o' the Year!

Well, I did it, and it was pretty awesome!

We had five boys here: Li'l Martini, Shrieki, Nonstop, Mr. Critic, and HoneyBear — all very old, very dear friends, though, as their names suggest, I find some of them easier on the nerves than others. And I spent at least a few hours this evening envying Mr. Lady C's encroaching deafness, I'll tell you that.

The boys had pizza and salad (mostly ignored) and grapes, and two kinds of cupcakes — chocolate and red velvet — and giant chocolate chip cookies and four kinds of ice cream, and it was a spree of gluttony. And then they played hide and seek and Manhunt and let's try to kill each other with our party horns – you know, all those things that 11-year-old boys do. And then we packed them into two cars and headed off for an evening of Improv in Arlington Center, which was a hoot and a half. We told them as we bought our tickets that we were celebrating a birthday, and two slinky teen girls sang "Happy Birthday" to Martini while he turned 11 shades of crimson. So that was awesome as well.

But it was not a great weight loss day. I worked all day and didn't exercise, and then I rewarded myself for how hard I'm working and how grim my life is with a simply enormous lunch at Asian Fusion Hoody Doody, and then I sampled two of the pizzas and two of the ice creams, and also ate a red velvet cupcake (I got them at a bakery. Conclusion: Not as good as mine. Hey, maybe I should open a bakery!) (NOT), and somewhere in there I had — ahem! — a glass or two of wine.

And tomorrow, with a house full of leftover pizza and cupcakes and a raging work deadline, doesn't look much better. In fact, I'll be working pretty much 24-7 until February 29, which, again, is a fairly grim realization.

I will do the best I can. What else can I do?

And now I'm going to push a little and work another hour tonight, or try to, anyway. HoneyBear is staying for a sleepover, and I can hear him and Martini in the next room, playing video games. (I'm letting them sleep on the pull-out sofa bed, as a special treat.) And if I were to lay odds on which of us will be wide awake and active as the evening wears on . . . I wouldn't pick me.

If tomorrow's a beautiful day like today was, I will get dressed in my zumba clothes, making it more likely that I'll exercise, and I'll ask my husband to push me out the door mid-day. We'll see.


xx Lady C

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