Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 181: This Is Me in One More Second

I worked almost 10 hours today. (On a Saturday!) Crazytown. Once I finish this awful module, there are two more to go, and I have to be done by February 29 . . . at which point we all lose our jobs, so there's a real incentive, yes sirree.


I'm inclined to put weight loss on the back burner until then — I fear it's going to be 10 days of comfort food and sloth. But we shall see.

Good Neighbor Anne invited me for a walk on the bike path on this beautiful morning, and it killed me to say no — but I had to. Morning is my most productive time, and I am really worried about getting this done . . . to my level of satisfaction, I guess I should add. No one enters the field of copy editing because he or she has low standards. Perfection is not a human option, but dammit, we keep trying.

Husband and I ducked out for a few hours to have dinner with two dear longtime friends, and that was great fun — but then I came home and worked for another 90 minutes, gritting my teeth and guzzling a Dunkin Donuts Extra Large Coffee.

It is what it is.

Gotta go to bed, so I can rest up and get right back on the editing treadmill tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, mon cheries!

—Lady C, working girl

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