Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 182 (Week 26): My Ridiculous Day

  • Got up, poured coffee, sat down at computer, worked.
    Worked, worked, worked.
  • Had leftover pizza from Li'l Martini's party for lunch. Ate while working.
  • Worked, worked.
    Read Martini another chapter of The Hunger Games.
  • Took Mimosa to the library, shopped for the last of Lady Darcy's birthday presents. (My besty has a milestone birthday on Friday!)
  • Came home, worked, worked, worked.
  • Went out for Mexican food with the family, resisted urge to drink 20 margaritas.
  • Came home, worked, worked worked.
  • Finished just in time to take a hot shower and then collapse in front of Downton Abbey for two hours. BLISS.
One module down, two to go.
The timing is wretched. It's school vacation week, I should be doing fun things with my dear children, not to mention cramming on Oscar movies. But what can I do — these clients have been my sugar mamas for years, I can't desert them now, and as my friend Marybell says, At least you have a deadline —the end is in sight. Which is true. But it's still wretched, and I am feeling very gloomy about my lot in life.

Weight loss, shmeight loss, I'm going to have a bowl of ice cream and watch my tape of The Good Wife. Don't talk to me of diet and exercise when my daily existence is so harsh!!

Grr grr,
Lady C


  1. Some days just suck!

    (thanks for the reminder about L.D.'s BD...what year did you two have the wedding?)


  2. Hee! I think you teased us once about our recall of certain dates. You said, "Did you know that L.D. actually remembers *the day you met*??" And I said, "September 21! Of course!"

    So, yeah, we met September 21, 1980, and our wedding was February 14, 1982, a day we wistfully refer to as "our anniversary." (The marriage lasted only two months, you may recall.) She was shacking up with my bad brother on your hall within days. Hussy!!!