Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 184: Hell Week, New Attitude, Day 1

I am so so so happy with this new approach.

It's another gorgeous day in Arlington. I got up early and set to work, taking brief breaks for breakfast and coffee. Worked some more, then took another break to wash my hair and get dressed. And I am zooming through my work (it helps that the writing is fairly clean and that this module is half the size of the others), which feels great.

At 12:30 the kids and I headed down our hill for a brisk walk and lunch in the village. I promised them we could stop any place that looked interesting, so after a quick trip to the Post Office — (packages should arrive at your house on Thursday, Lady D! Look for two) — the afternoon was ours.

We convinced Li'l Martini to try Thai food (he was very skeptical) and ordered a bunch of yummy appetizers. The kids enjoyed crispy fried crab rangoon, Thai rolls, and scallion pancakes, and I mostly dined on fresh rolls (lettuce, shrimp, tofu), and it was a delicious lunch. Martini's a convert, yay! A new family restaurant in the 'hood, we don't have to eat Mexican every time. Which is no hardship, I love Mexican, but a lighter option will be lovely.

My goal for us was to walk all the way to my vet's (a mile from our house, downhill) to pick up some cat treats, and then walk back (uphill, what can you do). And we did it! We stopped at Firefly Moon, a cute local boutique, and just as I was telling Li'l Martini to keep his hands in his pockets and be careful, I turned abruptly and knocked over a sign. Then Mimosa dropped the large metal jeweled purse clip she was examining, with a loud crash. In short: Every Chardonnay did something destructive except Martini. Yeah.

We grabbed a new takeout menu from Nicola's, our favorite pizza joint, bought cookies at Lakota Bakery (THE BEST), bought yet another cookie at a new bakery, Angelina's, and had a nice chat with the lovely young proprietress, read the inscriptions on the large stones set in a memorial "park" (a strip of land half the size of a California driveway — marking what claims to be a bloodier site than any of the neighboring communities during the Revolution), popped into Tweet! Tweet!, an overpriced fancy toy store, where we had great fun "trying on" all the hand puppets and talking gibberish, and ending our village crawl at Balich's Five and Dime, the most low-rent, crowded store imaginable; I do not know how that man stays in business. How many people can possibly need bias tape, fly swatters, and mothballs? It's got to be a front for something more unsavory.

But I'm not here to judge.

And then we walked briskly up our hill (the slightly longer, less steep way — it's easier to walk briskly), and I went back to work. And after 90 minutes, I got up again and lifted weights and did core work with Martini. (Mimosa was glued to YouTube, watching videos of all the music from our new obsession, Smash.)

And that was really the end of my work day; Mimosa had a doctor's appointment at 4:40, and then, rather than brave rush-hour traffic, we went out to dinner near her doctor's. And then we came home and watched a mountain of TV: our videotape of last week's Glee and Ringer, then Glee in real time, also New Girl and Raising Hope. (Love Tuesday night TV!) And I read a chapter of Hunger Games to Martini, and now here I am. I was thinking I might do a tad more work — maybe I'll start and see how I feel.

I don't want to jinx things, but this module is going so well, I might even finish it tomorrow! I'm already halfway through my first read, and you saw how much other stuff I did today.

And the thing is: I feel awesome! Yes, I had two restaurant meals, which I wasn't planning, but I got a ton of fresh air and exercise and family time and all that good stuff, and my restaurant meals were both packed with vegetables (I had a Mediterranean salad and an antipasto plate for dinner). And it was all really, really fun.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!


—Lady C

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