Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 185: Tote That Barge! Lift That Bale!

A few bumps in my Road to Happiness and Health today.

Challenge #1: Yesterday's clean and easy-breezy editing pages were a fluke. I sailed through 60 pages yesterday; today, it took me the entire freaking day to slog through half that amount. I begged the client not to give it to me until it was as clean as possible, and she chirped that it was . . . and instead I'm finding references to things that don't exist, activities that don't match their descriptions, handouts that are dense and impenetrable. If this is the clean document, how I dread the one that's coming.

Challenge #2: I took my kids for another walk in the sunshine, this time to Trader Joe's, as we were building up a hefty shopping list. And then this kinda backfired, as we ended up with five crammed-full bags of groceries and Cardiac Crest to ascend. Huff, puff, pant. I had gorilla arms by the time we got home. On the list of Mommy's All-Time Fun Family Outings, this one's probably in the negative numbers.

Challenge #3: I was determined not to go to a restaurant today, which meant that lucky Mommy had not one but two meals to prepare, plus we had a guest (Nonstop was here for four hours). (Mr. Lady C would have helped, but today is his long day at the office; he left early for a dermatologist appointment, and didn't get home till Modern Family started.)

(Oh, and he also seems to have foot cancer. Or perhaps I should say: One of the moles on his feet worried the doc, and she punched it out with a hole punch and is having it biopsied. Stay tuned!)

Challenge #4: Kind Tina was having a terrible, awful, no-good day and needed me to talk her down. Which I am happy to do, I adore Kind Tina and would in fact take a bullet for her, but it was an upsetting conversation. I worry about my friend. And, you know, it took some time.

So that was really it. I did take breaks (I read the saddest chapter of The Hunger Games to Li'l Martini, the one where Rue . . . you know . . . and I bawled and bawled) but it felt like a long, long day. And I had so dreamed of being done with this stupid unit today, and I'm so frustrated with my client.

But what can you do. I took some exercise, breathed the fresh air of New England, and ate nothing to be ashamed of.


—Lady C

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