Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 190: Whoops! Looks Like I . . .

. . . forgot to blog!

It's the last few days leading up to THE DEADLINE, I'm working at a ridiculous pace, and yesterday I had a pile of interruptions — marriage counseling, Martini's glockenspiel, a parenting book group at church I had to co-lead — plus my clients are in my face all day long, going, "I know you're trying to finish Unit 3 but could you please please please just look at this one 'little thing'?" — anyway.

It's almost done, and I can go back to my normal life of healthy living and taking exquisite care of myself.

That's how I remember it, anyway.

By 5 p.m. Eastern time, I will have turned in Unit 3. Tomorrow I need to be available for "little things" (and I know there will be hundreds), but today is my last day of working on these units, variations of which have been my regular work pretty much since 1996, when I became a professional copy editor. (Yet another reason that I cut these clients a lot of slack. We've been together a loooong time.)

It's hard for me to take in.

I wonder what the next chapter in my professional life will be.

But that is Thursday's question. Today, it's all systems go! I've got a 5:00 deadline to meet.

In a tearing hurry,
Lady C

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