Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 191: Deadline = Met!

Tomorrow, as I said, there will be little things to edit all day long, but the big ordeal is behind me. My 238-page behemoth of criminal justice . . . gone baby gone!

It is a good feeling.

And afterward I just wanted to collapse, but Li'l Martini made me go lift weights with him – "C'mon, Mom, if you don't move a little right now, you'll fall over at zumba," he said, which struck me as so eminently wise and reasonable I had no choice but to give in.

So we did bicep curls and tricep curls and an exercise we've named the Mockingjay, because we swoop our arms out like bird wings, and another one we call the Doorknob because the motion, well, is turning a doorknob, with our arms extended. And then we worked our cores and each did one more lift than we'd resolved to do. A good workout, all told. And I am all aglow and ready to zumba in two hours!

But first, a break. So many things have been piling up, but I can easily address them over the next few days, and also have some fun. And also get QUICKLY back on my weight-loss track. I haven't been officially weighing in because, yikes, but it's time to resume the program. My weight certainly has creeped up from the happy day I hit 259; can I get back there again by Sunday's Weigh In? I will certainly try.

I'm going to take a look at my ever-growing crap pile and then settle down with some fun things to read.

Zumba tonight, plus Ringer with my sweet girl, a light dinner, and a hot bath. Bliss bliss bliss.

Mimosa and Daddy are at the library, and Martini is quite crushed that they didn't invite him. "But would you have wanted to go?" I said, and he said, "No, but still!" So I suggested that we should start our own family, just the two of us, and he said, "YES! And let's invite Sexy Em and her boys!" except he doesn't call her Sexy Em, of course, and I said, "YES, and Brunie!" and he said, "YES!" I said, "We'll be the dessert and party games and cocktail family," and he did a dance of happiness. I know Brunie's more in love with my daughter, since she has boys of her own, but it doesn't matter, we called her first.

Off to sort crap and then read it.


—Lady C, who is certainly lighter in spirit if not in figger

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  1. I AM SOOOOOOOO IN!! I want to be in the dessert, party games and cocktail family! I want it SO MUCH!