Sunday, February 5, 2012

Days 166 and 167 (Week 29): What Did You Have for Dinner? I Had RAGE

Sorry to miss a day of blogging, but I was too angry and exhausted.

It is very rare that my husband completely loses his temper with me; he is more likely to seethe silently (sometimes for years) before telling me (a) that he's mad and (b) what he's mad about. But yesterday he completely blew up at me, over something very small (in my opinion, anyway), and he did it in front of our son, which our son naturally found rather scary. I told Husband to stop, that he was acting terrible, but he continued to bark and spew. It was awful.

We were walking home from a family trip to Walgreen's and Trader Joe's. When we got home I put away the groceries and cooked dinner and made an additional meal for a church family who just suffered a loss (I'd agreed to do that earlier in the week) and continued moving three loads of laundry through the system — in other words, stayed on my feet multi-tasking for two more hours, while seething with anger and annoyance over this unwarranted attack, and also worrying about how my son was doing. And Husband? Husband took a nap. Which further fueled my rage.

But hey, I lost two and a half pounds!
  • Today's scale reading: 262.5

(To be clear, those are ironic italics.)

Today I have a migraine (likely culprits: hormones and stress). After church, I said to Husband, "I know you want to talk about it in therapy tomorrow, but is there anything you want to say right now about yesterday?" and he said, "Well, I do want to talk about it tomorrow, but I know I overreacted and I'm sorry about that," and I said, "Did you say anything to our son?" and he said, ". . . our son?"


(I said something to our son, I hasten to add. Within an hour of the event. Our son is fine, but he did need some reassurance.)

Couples therapy tomorrow should be one heck of a good time. Can't wait!!

In other news, I saw two Oscar movies this weekend:
  • War Horse: LOVED. So sweet and sad and moving, and the cinematography and score are stunning.
  • Moneyball: Loved! I thoroughly enjoy math and statistics, and I like movies about baseball. And Jonah Hill was a delight! Well-deserved nomination.
My headache is better, but I'm exhausted from my migraine meds, so — that's all I'm going to write.

Oh, and thank you for the license plate suggestions! Apparently my subconscious had already christened it HOT ZONE 1, though Mr. Lady Darcy (aka CPA Boy) has now completely perverted that, and despite all efforts to think HOT ZONE, I may well think HO ZONE instead. Thank you, CPA family of California. You're the best. 

xox Lady C

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