Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 193: Proud Mama

Today my daughter performed with her Select Chorus at the Massachusetts Music Educators Festival. Hers was the only middle school chorus in the state chosen to perform, and they sounded simply lovely. They were joined by a jazz band from Needham who rocked the house. All told, a splendid hour of culture (or cul-chuh, as we say it in my house). And Mimosa glowed with the joy of performing, my tall beautiful curvy daughter. We were so happy for her.

But I'm still feeling aimless and headachey. I did dribs and drabs of work, tried to read the two offerings for my writers group tomorrow (have to say: not wildly impressed with either, which is unusual for my talented group), drove to Boston with Husband, dealt with snow (annoying and time-consuming — it just kept coming and coming), read the penultimate chapter of The Hunger Games to Martini, went to a church meeting (which also annoyed me — we are just not the most organized group, I fear, and most of the time I go with the flow, just happy not to be in charge any more, but tonight, I was not in the mood), and actually took something resembling a nap, which I never do! But I have been really really tired. 

As I am now.

My main goal for tomorrow is to do some hard exercise and work up a sweat. I think that will help me break through my fog.

But now, to bed.

—Lady C

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