Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 194: Not *Quite* Back On Track, But Getting Closer

So, here's how my day played out. (Spoiler: No sweating. Alas.)

Writers group was actually very nice; we were all in concurrence about the work each piece needed, which was good, and the writers took it gracefully. And then we all shared our general funk and malaise re: the likelihood of our fine work every seeing a publisher's office, and the old adage about comfort in numbers proved true again. I am so lucky with my writers group — four talented, supportive, smart women, whose writing I enjoy and whose opinions I respect. It was time well spent.

I edited three final documents for my Law & Justice clients, then wrote a nice closing note and did my timesheet. Sixty-five hours billed this pay period, but only because I had the presence of mind to pre-bill 20 hours the week before. Eighty-five hours I worked. Crazytown!!

And then my client wrote and said, You still have a few hours' credit, right? You can still do some more work for us next week, right?

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I dashed off a scathing note about how much I have given up for them and how they're now reneging on our deal . . .

. . . and then deleted it and wrote a simple sentence saying, No, actually, you've used all but one hour of the "credit," and I was pretty happy to take that hour as my "reward" for working two straight weekends. And I signed it with a smiley face.

And haven't heard another word.

At noontime, I headed to the library to get some books that were waiting for me, also Three Days of the Condor, which I've had a hankering to watch again, and when I got to the checkout counter, the librarian did a little clicking on my account and said, "Hmmm . . . looks like Trail of the Spellmans is in," and I let out the same involuntary squeak that I uttered when I saw Pig at the Concord Literary Tree event (Blogger Dawn knows that squeak very well), and everyone in line behind me started laughing.

So then I had to tell them what I was squeaking about. The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz is the story of a family of detectives who may well be good detectives but are utterly dysfunctional as a family; the series is smartly written and funny and page-turny, and I eagerly await each new installment. What are those wacky Spellmans up to now?! And as I orated, a small crowd gathered around me (I kid you not, it was pretty funny), so now I have to think of a way to get Lisa Lutz to give me a cut of her royalties; I totally scored her some new readers today.

I left the library with a large stack of books, and for me there is no better feeling in the world: a large stack of books on the Friday afternoon before a weekend with no major plans. Heaven.

This afternoon, I sat on the couch for three hours and finished Circus Galacticus by my friend Deva Fagan, the book I thought I was never going to get into. And now I don't know what my problem was, because I totally loved it. It's a YA, and I'm not sure if you'd call if science fiction or fantasy, and neither is my genre at all (because it seems like cheating), but nonetheless — it was a charming and suspenseful book, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I just got back from rehearsing our auction skit for Sunday (it will be fine) and now am going to take a bath and read some more.

I think my ongoing fog of exhaustion is the natural reaction to these relentless weeks of pushing myself to work so hard. But still, it's time to exercise. Tomorrow, I am determined to at least walk on my treadmill, if the weather doesn't allow an outdoor walk. (Because of the recent snowfall, the streets are still too slippery. I did walk to writers group today, but it took all of four minutes, I don't think I can really count it as exercise.) I will walk and lift weights and stretch and get really sweaty and take a hot bath. That is my plan. That is my agenda. That is my vow.

But for now, a bath. And a book. And an early bedtime. And no dinner, I had an enormous Indian lunch and two pieces of cheese and several glasses of wine at my rehearsal. I'm good.

In my library book pile:
  • Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr
  • I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
  • Sweethearts by Sara Zarr
  • Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr*
And, of course:
  • Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
I am WILD with happiness!!

—Lady C, Bookworm

* I just finished How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr and completely loved it, so now I'm reading everything by this author.

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