Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 253: Investing in My Future

Today I interviewed with an editorial services company. I knew the woman I was meeting with, but I hadn't seen her for years. She greeted me with a big hug and the words, "You've lost weight!", which struck me as a good omen. She is sure that she can get lots of editing work for me, which is great. The bad news is that I'll make $20 less an hour working for her . . . but you know what? Twenty dollars less is still more than zero per hour, which is what I've made three weeks running.

Tonight I attended my last townwide PTO meeting. Slowly, the clock is ticking down on the last of my volunteer commitments . . .

I'm not sure that I mentioned that I plan to be Clerk at my church next year — an elected officer on our "ruling body," the Parish Committee. But that's my only actual volunteer position! No PTO. No Betsy-Tacy Convention. No other official church work (though I'm sure I'll help Kind Tina on occasion). I'm looking forward to it — just work and writing and some church stuff. And weight loss. It will be great.

 At my interview, I had to edit the following sentence:

       Margarine which contains yellow dye number five can be 
   dangerous to your health. 

Here's how I changed it:

   Margarine that contains Yellow Dye No. 5 can be 
   dangerous to your health.

"Good," said my interviewer. "You can go with 'which' or 'that,' but if you stayed with 'which,' you'd have to add commas on either side, as I'm sure you know."

And, of course, since I was on a job interview and trying to make a very good impression, I did exactly the WRONG thing and argued with her.

You can't use "which." If you say "which," you're saying that all margarine contains Yellow Dye No. 5, and I am quite sure that Whole Foods, at the very least, offers an all-natural margarine containing no dyes whatsoever.

I tried to say this nicely.

My interviewer narrowed her eyes at me. "A proofreader wouldn't be expected to know that."*

I got the message and quickly made nice. All was well.

But the incident reminded me of how my old boss used to say, near daily, "Editors are nuts, man." We do have a serious addiction to our "rightness" being recognized, for sure.

Anyway! I'm exhausted and must get to bed. I've had a low-grade headache for the past five days, and I am thoroughly sick of being tormented by my uterus. Enough, already.

Good night!

—Lady C

* Proofreaders shop for margarine at the Goodwill, apparently.

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