Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 267: Love of Chair

I made a conscientious effort to get up, stretch, and walk around today but nonetheless: I spent the day sitting. So! Much! Work! Which is a quality problem, I know, but a little more balance would be lovely. I've got three giant modules to edit and am budgeted for 21 hours, so that should take me through Thursday.

And it feels like deadline-driven things are beginning to stack up. On my list:
  • Pull together thank-you notes and small gifts for our Auction co-chairs (the final numbers aren't in yet, but initial reports indicate that we broke some fund-raising records!!)
  • Start thinking about the "tangible and intangible" gifts Husband and I are supposed to give Mimosa at the upcoming church Coming of Age ceremony
  • Create a game for Mrs. Cynicletary's birthday party on May 26 (an auspicious day for so many reasons, as Mrs. Fog Dog well knows)
  • Leave reviews on Amazon for Ruth Doan MacDougall's latest books (something she asked me to do ages ago and I totally spaced)
  • Arrange a date to go dress-shopping with Mimosa's church buddies (the girls are giddy at the idea of new dresses for the CoA ceremony, and Mimosa never asks for something new to wear, let alone a dress, so I'm happy to indulge her)
  • Compile the teachers' various wish lists into one master list (my co-president is looking up the prices for everything they want; I think I got off easy)
  • Read and comment on the two submissions for this week's writers group
  • Prepare for my final PTO meeting this Monday (woo!)
And at some point I have got to get to the bank; Li'l Martini's allowance is overdue, and the cupboard is bare. Priorities, priorities.

(One task I delegated: Husband is now calling our accountant and being a squeaky wheel; our taxes for 2011 still aren't filed. This makes me WILD. Best to let calm Husband handle it.)

I still sound congested and am not back to 100 percent, but I'm determined to "act as if" and will go to zumba tomorrow night. And then come home and probably die. This is supposes to be Mild Boot Camp Week 1 of 5, but, whatever. My weight's already lower than I thought it was; can I take the first week off?

Calling it a night. Bye!

—Lady C

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