Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 269: Relief!

As it turned out, I had no trouble whatsoever! And halfway into the second song, I swear, I heard all my muscles smile — they were just so happy to be moving again. Life is sweet.

But today was more of the same: all chair, all day. Except I did have breakfast with Kind Tina, always a joy, and I was e-mailing fast and furious with Good Neighbor Anne, as well as another pal, Brandy-Brite, and that was very entertaining.

Even though I've got zumba later tonight, I nonetheless took a walk down my hill to get a bag of cat food because I just needed to stretch my legs.* And that is something you would not have heard me say (or seen me do) a year ago, believe me!

Not much else to say. Tomorrow: all chair, all day again. And my end-of-day reward is a children's music concert. Which will be lovely, and I adore hearing my daughter sing, but at the moment it just sounds hot and crowded and annoying.

Oh, and my surprise super-low weight on Sunday was in fact an anomaly, as I suspected, though I'm still doing just fine. I'm very hopeful about meeting my June 15 goal of 10 pounds.

I've got a stack of enticing library books, as always, but I've been on an Agatha Christie kick and am plowing through those at an amazing rate. My ability to never guess the murderer is truly uncanny!

—Lady C

* Well, also: We need cat food.

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