Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 273 (Week 39): My Year of Sex and Power

Astute readers will notice that this is actually being written on Day 274. C'est la vie.

My New Power Position

My PTO term ends with the last day of school on June 20, both kids will have graduated and my work on those ceremonies will be done, and my Religious Ed. Committee membership expires on June 17. The Betsy-Tacy Convention is mid-July and I'll be Brunie's beast of burden through that week — but then, that's it! No more volunteer commitments!

So I promptly took on another one, but just one: I will be an elected officer of the Parish Committee, the governing body of our church. In fact, I will be Clerk, which involves taking minutes, which I love doing. (It involves other stuff too, though I'm kinda hazy on the details. But I think it will be fun and way easier than running the RE Committee or the PTO, which were both labors of love but also hella work.)

In my campaign speech, I recalled that I will be teaching OWL, the UU teen sex class, in spring 2013—"So," I said, "next year will be my Year of Sex and Power." I won in a landslide.

OK, since it's for church and all, honesty compels me to add that I ran unopposed. But still.

Here's something funny: All of us running for an office ran unopposed, and the Moderator said, "Usually we have candidates give a statement, but since there's kinda no point . . . you can waive that . . . if you want to." The afternoon was warm, and after and hour and a half of parliamentary procedure, we were all a tad restive. But when it came to my turn and the Moderator said, "Lady C, did you want to give a statement?" before I even said anything, the people sitting around me began to murmur, "Yes! Yes!", which I found hilarious. My cred as a public speaker, it is legend. (And I did give my statement, and they clapped and howled. And everyone else declined to speak after that, which was also funny.)

So, Roller Derby, Huh?

One of the items up for bid at our recent school auction was an afternoon of ladies roller derby with my son's fifth-grade teacher (whom I adore) and the teaching aide in that classroom (whom I've known forever and likewise adore), and this sounded hilarious to me, but I couldn't convince either of my kids to go. But then I ran into Teaching Aide at the auction, and she urged me to bid on it — so I did! And won!

And I like the two fifth-grade girls who also won, so I offered to spare their mothers and drive them myself. We played Taylor Swift and Glee CDs and sang gustily the whole way there; within five minutes of our arrival at the Shriners Auditorium I had them (1) in a bar and (2) tattooed; we ate two Kick*ss Cupcakes apiece (so! good!); we stayed for an hour of the after-party and shook-shook-shook our bootys with roller derby girls; and it was a thoroughly rockin' good time.

I don't know that I ever need to go again, but I'm really glad I did it once.

Wasn't It Weigh-In Day?

It's my womanly time, I am bloated and headachy and a big bloody mess, and I refuse to even look at the scale.  Check with me next week.

On the Docket for Today

SO. MUCH. I'm already exhausted!!
  • Go over the teachers' wish lists with my PTO co-president and figure out the simplest way to ask the PTO to allocate money for this, since their requests are all over the board
  • Edit two lessons for the UUs
  • Wrap and mail two birthday presents (for Mrs. Fog Dog and my baby brother — May is Big Holiday Month for me)
  • Co-lead my last PTO meeting evah!
Definitely looking forward to the last one! Though there will still be PTO work to do between now and June. But the countdown clock is ticking!

Husband just left me for a week in Hyde Park studying Roosevelt. I will miss him.

Time to get cracking on that list!

—Lady C, wishing you all a productive day

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