Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 279: A Momentous Day

Happy birthday to my dearest darling friend Mrs. Fog Dog! We've been bestys since July 1985, when she joined San Jose State's Residential Life staff. I, the seasoned veteran of one year, took her under my wing . . .

OK, actually, I began campaigning to make her my best friend, so relieved was I to have a female co-worker who wasn't [a] kind but elderly, [b] insecure and threatened by me, or [c] cranky, weird, and really annoying, which were my only other female friend options. Fortunately, she succumbed to my wiles, and we quickly became super-glue bonded for life, even though we lived in the same town just that one year. She's now in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by dogs and gardens and immediate family and wide open space, and she sends gorgeous photos of her life on Fog Dog Acres. I miss her so much. Many happy wishes to you, my friend.

Happy first-date anniversary to me and my sweetie husband! Our first date was May 26, 1991, which means that our relationship is now 21 and can legally drink. On that date, we went to Skipjack's for a yummy fish dinner . . . and then we fell in love. True story! Our usual routine is to celebrate this event by going to a bookstore and buying each other $20 worth of books. But we didn't do that tonight because . . .

Happy birthday celebration to my dearest darling friend Mrs. Cynicletary! (Her actual birthday is next Wednesday.) We just got home from her party (which is still raging, but we pooped out early — ew, no pun intended). It was a lovely evening; her husband and children outdid themselves in making beautiful memories for my girl. I'm sad, though, because I felt like I was only half present. While I'm much better, I'm still not fully myself. But I spoke to almost everyone there, and the cake I made was lovely and delicious, and everyone enjoyed the game — so. All good.

May 26 rocks!

Weigh-in should be interesting tomorrow. My generic Immodium is working very well . . . to the point where nothing is actually moving and I'm feeling heavy and a little bloated. Of course, that could be because I ate real food tonight, but nothing too scary — mostly a lot of little finger sandwiches on squishy bread. And they were yummy!

We'll just see.


—Lady C

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