Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 280 (Week 40): Let's All Go to the Drive-In!

We just got home from seeing Men In Black III (loved!) at the Mendon drive-in (totally love!). It's always so much fun to go there and blasts me right back to my youth. And tonight was a perfect spring evening — just warm enough with a light cooling breeze. And I ate a snack bar burger and a root beer float, and so far my insides are doing just fine.

In other news:
  • Today's scale reading: 250.5 !
But I'm not sure this is a "real" weight, so I logged "252" on FatSecret, which is still down a pound from what I logged last week.

This week, I'm hoping to resume my life of healthy living (and it looks like I can make all three zumba classes) — we'll see. I still have no real stamina; I was weak as a kitten after a morning of doing chores. The house looks lovely, though.

And it is wonderful to have Husband back!

Tomorrow I have to do some work (yes, I know it's a holiday, but I am way behind) but I also plan to just sit and read and relax and smell the roses. And maybe take a short walk and start rebuilding my fitness level, yet again. It's time to stay well and healthy for a while.

Oh, and my zit has almost disappeared. I was able to camouflage it fairly well for the party, though it took some cosmetic maintenance throughout the evening. And I tried to draw people's attention downward, with my sleek fake-tanned legs, my red-and-white polka-dotted toenails, and my silver evening sandals with light-up plexiglass kitten heels — oh, I was a vision.

Sleepy now! Time for bed.

—Lady C, back on solids

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