Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 281: My Baby Brother Is Born

Adding to the milestone events of May, my youngest brother turned 45 today. Happy birthday, Mateo! He is celebrating his big day with golf and Mexican food and, one imagines, many many beers, plus his lovely blonde wife, which sounds like baby bro's perfect day. I'm very psyched that I'll see him and our other brother in July. (Through a curious twist of events, they both now live in Minnesota, a state we previously had no connection to! But because of its Betsy-Tacy history, I'm thrilled for any reason to visit the Land of 10,000 Lakes, believe me.)

My system is easing its way back to normal, and Martini and I just walked to Walgreen's — I'm a little fatigued but otherwise fine.

And, I am thrilled to note, I have the perfect amount of work for the next few weeks! Plenty to pay the bills but not enough to feel overwhelmed. I can turn down any new job that comes in without panicking (though, unless they're huge, I'll probably say yes — me being me after all). But it's a good feeling. I'm still in one-day-at-a-time mode, but each day is a little easier as I cross yet another giant TO DO off my never-ending list. May and June are always a gas-gas-gas.

I'm going to make eggs and sausage and croissants and hash browns and fresh fruit for dinner, but I'm not super-hungry, I plan to just nibble. I'm also taking this opportunity to ease off on my coffee addiction; I'll still drink it in the morning and maybe one cup in the afternoon, but I'm going to try very hard not to have it in the evening. I've had so many caffeine withdrawal-related headaches in the past few weeks; I really don't need this in my life.

So I guess I'm starting my modified boot camp this week: exercise daily, lift weights, work my core, and log my food. That's it. I can do it!

—Lady C, feeling optimistic

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