Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 282: "Granny Be Freakin' It!"

I Googled "old woman doing zumba" (meaning: me) and that phrase came up, which made me laugh. A new session of zumba has started, only one of my front-row girls was there tonight, I have to make new friends. And it's a sea of young young women, I felt like I was 100. Except I know the routines and they don't, ha ha.

Once again, I was anxious about resuming intense exercise after a week of intense torpor and sloth, but it all went well, though the Italian Spitfire worked us like tri-athletes, and I am one giant dripping ball of sweat. But me and Enrique Iglesias, we like how it feels. All good.

Not much else to report: I ate light meals today and edited a UU lesson on white privilege and ethnic identity. It was pretty cool, actually. I also arranged for Li'l Martini's first cell phone (the traditional elementary school graduation present for Dallin kids — and I am so ready for him to have one, I can't tell you how many times I wanted to call him right after school this year! Funny) and set up dental appointments for both kids (kind of a big deal; it's their first ones with my dentist, rather than the children's dentist they've seen since they were born) and looked into a summer math tutor for Martini (Mimosa had a disastrous first year of middle school because [1] her math confidence was shaky and [2] her teacher was a tyrant and a cow and a bully [forgive? moi?], and while I can't necessarily do anything about the latter, I can get a jump on the former) and bought the photo album we're using for Mimosa's Coming of Age gift (more on this later). Busy day!

I did eat light meals, but I was ravenous when I got home from zumba, so I just polished off two cheese quesadillas. And they were goooood. And I logged my food on Fat Secret and did just fine (though protein remains a challenge. I even had chicken salad for lunch! What do they want — meat with every meal???).

Tomorrow: more of the same. UU lesson editing, zumba. And tomorrow I will lift weights and work my core.

Off to start reading Mockingjay to Martini. I tried to hold him off, it is just so dark, but he is wild to finish the series and I can't blame him. Finnick . . .

—Lady C, in love with many fictional characters

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