Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 284: A Certain Sameness to the Days

Woke up, drank coffee, read my e-mail, edited UU lessons — it's totally Groundhog Day over here.

The one big difference is that I had a sweet romantical lunch date with Husband. However, it was slightly marred by the return of my tummy trouble — further complicated by our planned destination of Margarita's. (I adore their guacamole and the Icy Spicy Margarita. Alas, it is no longer on the menu; I had to settle for the hated Diet Coke tarted up with lots of limes, which is the only way it's palatable to me.) My lunch of Lettuce Shrimp Wraps probably isn't on the approved BRAT diet, but what the hey. They were muy deliciosa!

Husband also rubbed Gold Bond Lotion onto my always-itchy back, which I guess he hasn't done in a few weeks, because when I presented my naked back to him, he almost yelped, "Wow, you are smaller! Holy cow!"

(And before I put on my clothes, I pulled out a dress that Mrs. Fog Dog gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I call it my Mad Men dress; it's cocktail length, with a V-neck and a full skirt, and I am very Joan Holloway in it. However, when she gave it to me, I had to put it on with a shoehorn. But today it slid right over my head and zipped up easily, and that was without any restraining undergarments — I tried it on commando. Very thrilling!!!)

Tonight I went to Zumba Class #3 for the week; it's still Sexy Dancey Nancy's class but in a different place — the Senior Center rather than the high school. It's a nice room though very crowded, which made it warmer and more humid than it needed to be; we all were soaked with sweat by the end. Attractive!

Half of us had been told the class started at 6, and half were told 6:30, which is accurate, so me and the other early girls sat around for 30 minutes twiddling our thumbs. I am not much of a twiddler, so I began to explore the nooks and crannies of our room and found a piano, under a cover. The available music was not promising, but I plunked out a respectable version of "Country Roads" and "Jet Plane" — and then (jackpot!) I found the sheet music for the "Eight Is Enough" and "Three's Company" theme songs! I was thoroughly delighted, also well-occupied till Nancy got there.

My mother always dreamed that I would play the piano for a crowd of my chums, while we all sang along. I will have to tell her that we're one step closer to her dream.

(No one sang along. I guess it's a pretty small step. I'm not exactly Neil Armstrong in this story.)

Weight loss is going very well, I must say, and three zumba classes in a row sure doesn't hurt. I should take a long walk tomorrow to keep up my good work.

Bath time! I am gross.

Lady C

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