Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 264: A Glamorous New Stage (NOT)

I've reached the coughing stage of my cold.

Not another word.

Also I am still producing gallons of snot, I feel better but sound wretched, and my head is twice as heavy as usual.

I could not be less glamorous. Well, maybe if I had a zit.

Also, I have not lost an iota of weight this week, which is all kinds of wrong. But I'm not going to dwell.

Happily, I billed 20.5 hours on this week's timesheet, more or less what I'm aiming for, and I got the nicest compliment on my writing from my pal Book Club Girl, who's providing one of the letters of recommendation for my writing packet. She wrote, "I love what you gave me to read! Can you send more?"

Life is sweet.

Except for the snot.

And the random peeing.

OK, really not another word about that.

Gotta go feed the fam. TGIF!

xx Lady C, snothead


  1. Oh no... I hope you get better soon.

    If you change your mind about the NYC play, a group of us are seeing it on Saturday afternoon of Memorial weekend. I could pick you up on Friday - there is a train that leaves 1/2 hour from your house that goes to Penn Station - and return you on Sunday. My treat!

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely invite! It sounds like the perfect weekend. But that Saturday, one of my bestys (Mrs. Cynicletary) celebrates her milestone birthday (the same milestone I will celebrate MUCH, MUCH later this year), and I will be partying the night away at her birthday bash. Missing it would be unforgivable, I fear. (I'm also doing a game for her.)

    I keep thinking of you because I want to do another Boot Camp, except that I am never not going to be sick. Seriously, I've only been up an hour and have gone through four Kleenexes already. I am GROSS. Clogged and gross.


  3. Well, I am gaining all the weight I lost while in the hospital. But I am a bit wary, considering the last boot camp landed me in the hospital. (I can say this since they still haven’t figured it out yet after testing me for 17 different things.) But seriously, considering I was in liver failure and was still trying to exercise – I think I should get serious bonus points. It was very exciting to have my BMI dip below 30 and summer is coming… but is there any way we could do it together? I come up to see you and do Zumba and you come down here and go, umm – on a hike? And then we both cook each other yummy healthy meals. It could be a boocation!