Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 262: Sick Girl Working

What are the odds? After days and weeks of no editing work, now it's All Editing, All the Time. Monday was supportive school discipline, Tuesday was a UU lesson on identity and perspective (cool), today and tomorrow, an evaluation report of an entrepreneurship program in Asia and Africa (surprisingly interesting, thank heaven, because this sucker is LONG), and Friday will be mentor programs, carrying over until Monday. Then I do something for my long-term client on Monday through Wednesday, possibly a math lesson — she didn't say. And more UU lessons to come!

Remember that scary Lebanon project I mentioned a few weeks ago? ("Highly sensitive" and "highly political," whee!) The deadline has slipped, and now I might not be able to do it, since it will coincide with my mom's visit, and I will not be crazybusy with editing while she's here. I'll do a small fun job, sure; she can read a book or take a nap. But nothing about the Lebanon job sounds "small" or "fun." As much as I'm relieved to maybe dodge that bullet, I'm kinda bummed too, since it's a huge job and the money would have been great.

Well, almost nothing is for sure in this life, so I'll just wait and see.

Oh, and I'm still sick, but I guess I'm on the road to wellville. My head is still heavy, my nose is on continuous drip, I cough, I sneeze, I pee a little . . . but I'm less stupid* than I was yesterday, and that is something.

I do have this amazing husky voice right now. I could totally be a phone sex operator.

Let's call that Plan B.

OK! I'm going to read to Li'l Martini in my fabby Tallulah Bankhead** voice, and then we'll watch Survivor and Modern Family. I made enormous headway in my enormous reading pile over the last two days (not books; things that I want to read but am in no real rush to read, like the G section of our paper, the AARP newsletter, the local paper, the AAA newsletter . . . that kinda stuff), so maybe I'll finish it off before bed — the rush of accomplishment and satisfaction may help me sleep eeeeasy, n'est-ce pas?

(In my dream last night, Husband was being very bossy and controlling, and I woke up cross and over-warm. But I didn't blame him, because I am Friday's child who is loving and giving, or full of forgiving, or — actually, wait, I was born on a Friday; which child am I?)

Off to read and read and watch and read. And sneeze and blow and clench and pee. Oh the life of an aging sick working mom. Glamour R Us.

Rasp, wheeze, snort,

Lady C

* Though no less inclined to overshare.

** Does anyone know who this is any more?

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