Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 285: Going Green

For exercise today I cleaned up my patio, which hasn't been touched since the winter. I pulled a million weeds that grow between my pavers, pulled up tall weeds in the surrounding beds, brushed off all the cushions (they need a good bath, though), threw away a bunch of crap that didn't survive the winter, and gave it a thorough sweeping. I also pruned the tree that got damaged during last year's storm; one side has always been a little stunted (a larger tree was bullying it; we've since pruned the larger tree, but li'l tree has yet to fully recover), and the storm damage didn't help, as it was all on the stunted side. As much as I hate to cut off a leafy, healthy limb, the tree looked pretty stupid. And I cut off a ton (and then sawed it into smaller bits so it would fit in a leaf bag), but I think it probably needs still more. I'll give it a few days to rest and recover, though.

And all that bending and pulling and sawing was great exercise; I was a sweaty exhausted noodle after an hour or so of this! And I can feel every one of my ab muscles whimpering, still in recovery from Spitfire's torture on Wednesday. I am sore sore sore.

Tonight's task was to make a beautiful album for Mimosa; for her Coming of Age ceremony on Sunday, we're giving her a book called "Mimosa's Circle of Love and Support," 23 photos of and words of caring from the people she's closest to. It turned out gorgeous! I can't wait to give it to her.

(Though Husband reminds me that she's a teenager and I shouldn't expect too much, as she may well just grunt and say, "Nice. Thanks." Which is highly possible. But I know she will treasure it, even if it takes her years to tell me so. Like, on my deathbed. Sigh.)

But now my neck is sore too, from bending over this album for two hours and cutting out tiny bits of paper. Time to haul my aching carcass to the tub. It's been a four-bubble-bath week, whee!

Oh, and: Do NOT start reading The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan unless you have several hours to finish it. It is acutely painful for me to put this book down!!!!! I'm going to go finish it in the tub. So so so so good.

Good night!

—achy-breaky Lady C

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