Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 289: Get Ready ('Cause Here I Come)

Every time I hear the opening notes to this lovely song by The Temptations at the Italian Spitfire's zumba class, I grooooooan — because it means we're about to do a routine entirely comprising squats. OUCH. "It's thong season!" she barked at us tonight, and I misheard and said, "It's prom season? 'Cause sweetheart — that ship has sailed."

Thongs. As if.

In other news, I keep forgetting to report this week's weigh-in news:
  • Sunday's scale reading: 251
I'm getting there! Let's run some numbers:
  • Starting weight: 287
  • Current weight: 251
  • Pounds lost: 36 (.88 pounds per week)
  • Starting BMI: 43.6
  • Current BMI: 38.2
So, my rate of weight loss has slowed down but it's still steady. Yay!

I'd love to lose four more pounds before Mom arrives in two weeks, so it's an even 40 —we'll see. My weight was actually lower last week, but then I ate a ton over the weekend, did no exercise, and went to bed freakishly early — I think I packed on two extra pounds right there. But I'll hit all three zumba classes this week, and the weekend is much more chill; lots of time for walks and healthy food prep.

We'll see!

But now I'm going to read another chapter of Mockingjay to Li'l Martini and take a bath: I'm sweaty and stinky and my thighs are quivering like Santa's belly. Not pretty.

And it's almost thong season, remember.

Hmm. Which is likelier to appear in my life, a thong or a prom? Let's ponder this.

—Lady C, a deep thinker

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