Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 290: Bad Girl, Bad Girl

What'cha gonna do?

I sneaked out of my zumba class tonight before they started abs —slunk away in a walk of shame. I just couldn't face it. I also had a bad case of heartburn. Also heart ennui — my heart just wasn't in the game tonight. It felt like work, rather than fun, all night. Which makes me think that three-in-a-row zumba classes might not be for me after all.

I'm only booked through June — I'll try a different rotation for July and August, check out some other classes, see what I like best. One girl in my Wednesday class was telling me about her teacher, who's a former BU cheerleader; their class is like a cheering routine, which sounds totally fun to me— like being in Bring It On, one of my all-time guilty pleasures. Except the class is in Andover, which is like saying "The class is in Ohio" — it's not going to happen.

Husband and I had a lovely lunch date at Pasha and ate way too much, but my deliberate plan was to eat a big lunch (and it was very healthy — lots of veggies and falafel and hummus) so I wouldn't be hungry and eat before zumba. But then I thought I needed something, so I had a fat-free Greek yogurt (and a doughnut) and ate it (them) a half-hour before class, which was just stupid. Hence, the heartburn. I'm an idiot.

Before lunch, we had a meeting about our daughter's ed plan; she used to have an IEP, last year it was downgraded to something with just numbers (504, maybe?), and now it looks like she needs no additional services. Yay, Mimosa! She's also being recommended for three Honors classes: English, History, and Spanish. We weren't expecting her to be in a single Honors class, so this is quite thrilling. It was a very good meeting, and it seems like this transition will be much better than her last (disastrous) one from fifth grade to middle school.

I finished reading More Like Her, which I found deeply disappointing, though I did read the whole thing, waiting for it to get good — or even match the description on the back cover, which it did not. I liked this author's other book, Conversations with a Fat Girl, so much, and I took the suckyness of this one quite personally.

Now I'm reading The Red Book and the problems of precious rich people may ultimately annoy me, but so far I'm liking it okay. Anna Dressed in Blood awaits! I've also got The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading and The Language of Flowers in my pile. I'm longing to read Anna but I'm trying to read the ones that are due back first — I ended up renewing More Like Her twice! Of course, knowing what I know now, I think I did the readers of Arlington, Massachusetts, a service.

You're welcome, Arlington!

Off to the tub. Tomorrow I spend most of the day in Concord with an old friend I haven't seen in more than a decade. Neither of us can remember why we stopped being friends. Either we'll reconnect and have a wonderful time, or by the end of the day I'll remember exactly why she's not in my life any more. Fingers crossed for the former!

—Lady C, optimist

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